Saturday, October 28, 2006

10/28/06 Tenino Ghostmuster 5K

Last week was frustrating, I just could not kick it into high gear. I am a little worried about that today, especially here will so many friends and family. Love the Ghostmuster though and plan to have a fun time regardless. Good long warm up and I seem to be ready. Cool fog, little wind.

Start - Jared will stay behind and run the one mile race in 8:30. Jody starts toward the back. Billy is right with me.

Mile 0.25 - Wow Billy is going fast, I thought I was starting too quick, he is surging ahead

Mile 1 - Finally catch Bill, I am feeling relaxed and smooth. Just under 7 minute first mile.

Mile 3.1 - It is good to finally know this course and know when to sprint to the finish. Much faster and better race than last week. Second place in age group ribbon. Later I would get a letter in the mail stating that "due to a missapropriation of the ribbons I should have received a 3rd place ribbon"

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

10/21/06 Millersylvania 10 miler

Third race of the month. Last Saturday went well and I have high expectations for today. Maybe I can beat that 1:16 PR from so long ago. Billy to run the 10K. Cool with fog.

Start - Same old start line in the park amongst the big trees. Looks like a small turn out for the ten miler. Hard to tell for sure as the 1/2 marathon, 5K and 10k all start together.

Mile 1 - Feeling sluggish. I should be running faster.

Mile 3 - Today may not be my day. Can not kick it into a higher gear

Mile 10 - Well no problem finishing but I never could get the pace down where it should be. Somewhat dissapointing. Maybe the marathon from three weeks ago is still in me.

3rd place of 11 runners

Saturday, October 14, 2006

10/14/06 Roman Meal Glove Run 5K

First time I have raced only two weeks after a marathon, a bit concerned about how my legs will respond. New flatter course this year, no more push up the big hill out of the gate. Wearing my Portland finisher's shirt. Cool fog.

Mile 1 - Feeling pretty good.

Mile 3.1 - Slight negative split and very happy with the finish time. Glad to have made the trip up to Steilacoom.

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Sunday, October 1, 2006

10/1/06 Portland Marathon

Second time at Portland. Been training long and hard for this day. Stay with the folks and get out the door nice and early in time to find a good parking spot. Still dark, but promise of sun and slight breeze.

Start - Sit on the curb resting until just before the start, make small talk with those around me. Position myself in front of the 4:00 pace group. Smooth start, for 7,500 people, absolutely love those drums.

Mile 5 - Feel great, everything is smooth. Holding an 8:30 pace that neither feels too slow or fast.

Mile 7 - Boring industrial area. Watch for railroad tracks. Watch the fast runners back from the turn around.

Mile 9 - Turn around and watch the slower runners. Blinding sun here and for the next two miles. Getting warm, I start pouring water on my head.

Mile 13 - There is my brother Steve, snapping pictures. Feeling really good and holding the 8:30 pace

Mile 16 - No problem getting up the hill and passing some walkers. I am sure this hill is taking its toll on me, but its not so bad. On to the bridge.

Mile 18 - I remember getting tired here last year. I am doing much better than last year.

Mile 20 - Bring on the stomache ache as usual. I am at 8:38 pace, faster than last year, but I need to take some short walking breaks. It sure is nice to know that it is mostly downhill from here.

Mile 23 - More short walking breaks. My head is swimming a little and a volunteer asks if I am OK. That sort of deflated me more. I'd rather hear the lie "looking good" than see someone seriously concerned about me.

Mile 24 - Brother Steve takes another photo. Wow I bet I will not look as good in this one.

Mile 24.5 - Offered and accepted a small cup of beer. Drank the whole thing, it was actually pretty good.

Mile 25 - Here comes the 3:50 pacer with a small band of followers. One says that we have 12 seconds in the bank. This is great and I stay with them over the steel bridge.

Mile 25.2 - Water stop. I can not help but walk and pour water on my head. 3:50 group sails on by.

Mile 26.2 - PR by 3 minutes and 5 minutes off last year's time. Pleased with the effort and results. Four glasses of orange juice at the finish really hit the spot. I definitely plan to run this one again.

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race#100 marathon #9 Portland marathon #2

Saturday, August 26, 2006

8/26/06 Rainier Round Up 10K

Really small turn out for this which ended up being the last Rainier Round up do to low numbers and the poor time of year for the busy Thurston County Parks and Recreation. Billy and Jody were doing a long run somewhere nearby on the trail, but I could not resist another race. Flat and fast on the Yelm-Tenino trail. Warm temps though.

Start - Always more relaxed doing a race I have dome before. I wonder how many are doing the 5K. Either way it is a small group.

Mile 1- Couple of people ahead of me.

Mile 1.5 - Looks like all but one has turned around.

Mile 3.1 - Yes, I am in second place. Too bad that guy in first is just a little to far out of my reach...actually a spec in the distance. Nobody close on my heels either.

Mile 5 - Getting hard to maintain pace and it is getting warm. This has been a record month for me in terms of total mileage and my legs feel tired. Not a ton of motivation either as I seem to be locked into second place.

Mile 6.2 - Second overall is very cool. I just won't tell anyone how many people participated. First in age group ribbon and at the raffle I won a pair of socks.

2nd overall of 13

Saturday, July 22, 2006

7/22/06 Lakefair 8K

One of the great things about the Pacific Northwest is the moderate climate. Great running year round. In the summer it cools down every evening and does not warm up to hot until after noon. Except today. Mid 70s early in the morning. Humid and getting warmer at the start. New course this year, very flat out and back along Capitol Lake, then around the lower lake. Billy and Tammy running the 8K, Tammy and Jared running the 3K race.

Start - It is really warm for running.

Mile 4 - I am wilting, really slowing down

Mile 4.98 - Done. Shuffle back a few blocks to cheer on the others. Slow time can be blamed on the heat. Stick around forever for the awards ceremony.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

7/4/06 Steilacoom 4 miler

Another 4 on the 4th. Ran 18 miles a few days ago and i know my legs are tired. Running today more for fun and tradition.

Start - I see Wayne and Seth. Always nice to see them

Start - Down hill

Mile 2 - Lots of flat

Mile 4 - Struggle up the hill and try to finish strong

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3rd of 9 in age group

Saturday, June 10, 2006

6/10/06 Sound to Narrows 12K

Goal - beat last year's time. Warmish

Start - Took ten seconds to get to the start line from where I was in the pack. That is OK, I just time myself anyway and am not in the running for any awards.

Mile 2 - After a fast start it is tough to hit a steady pace with all of these hills and people running at all different paces. Go with the flow as much as possible.

Mile 7.5 - Uphill was not so bad this year, I definitely had some kick left and was pleased with my time.

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96th race, 3rd Sound to Narrows

Sunday, May 21, 2006

5/21/06 Capital City Marathon

New course for 2006. Many will complain that it is too hilly, but I rather prefer it. Much more scenic and the hills though constant are not that steep. I have been doing long runs on parts of the course since the new route was announced in December. Goal = maintain an 8:46 pace and PR. Weather = cool but threatening to warm up.

Mile 1 - Race nerves I had been experiencing all week are now gone as I am running relaxed and having fun.

Mile 4 - Say hi to John Flemm and talk neighborhood stuff for about two miles. He is running his 60th marathon and plans this to be his last.

Mile 11 - Slap a high five with volunteer Dan Cole.

Mile 14 - Back to sea level at Woodard Bay. All uphill from here. Bad place for a water stop on this hill, hard to get back to running.

Mile 20 - Starting to tire but still on pace. My GPS watch however has me at 0.2 miles farther than the mile markers. Trusting the watch has put me two minutes behind schedule.

Mile 22 - Here is the dreaded long steep "Eastside" hill. This is not good. Race volunteer tells me to keep my head up. Hadn't noticed how my head was bobbing. A few fans looking on. I struggle up the hill and start staggering a bit. Really not good or a healthy way to be. I make the decision to not risk tumbling or passing out and start walking some. I am in a very bad way, but keep moving ever upward.

Mile 23.5 - The ground is leveling off, but the running is not much easier.

Mile 24 - Speed bump in the road is like a hill to climb

Mile 25 - Cross onto Capitol Way and get ready to head for the downhill finish. Billy runs the last leg with me.

Mile 26.2 - PR by a minute and a half. Seven minutes faster than last year and that on a much hillier course. Some regrets about how the last couple of miles went, but overall a good effort.

3:54:33 PR
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Marathon #8

Saturday, May 6, 2006

5/6/06 Public Agency 2 miler

Caleb has been running some track with the Barron Park Striders and decides to join me in the 2 mile race. This could be a close one as he has some quick legs these days. Cool with some wind.

Start - Super fast and strong up the hill. Caleb is right behind me. I sprint to shake him but it does not work.

Mile 1 - Only a few runners ahead of me here at the turn around. Caleb has obviously been instructed by Mom to stay directly behind me. Still running strong.

Mile 2 - Downhill to the finish. Caleb puts his kick on an and beats me by one second!! Smart race by him and I really am proud of him. I am also very pleased with my PR and fast time.

6 of 53, 1st in age group

Sunday, April 9, 2006

4/9/06 Easter Bunny Marathon

Double out and back out of Millersylvania State Park. Very small turn out. Bob Green seems a little perturbed that there are not more runners. My first encounter with the Marathon Maniacs club. I mention to one runner that I am doing this as a long slow training run for Capitol City, he thinks that is a very reasonable idea. Clouds and sun, cool and warmish at times.

Mile 6 - All by my lonesome self. Listen to music on the MP3 player. Make myself go very slowly and take walk breaks. Keep reminding myself that this is about going the distance, not racing.

Mile 13.1 - Back at the park. 2:08 for the half

Mile 23.5 - Starting to tire but not a hard wall. Pull away from Billy and head for the finish.

Mile 26.2 - This is called the Easter Bunny Marathon so I get to the finish line and hop across. First negative split marathon. Maintained good spirits and kept plugging along when it did get a little difficult. Hope this works as a good training run.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

3/25/06 Steilacoom 20 miler

Great prep run for a Spring Marathon. Goal = negative split. Very nice weather.

Start - Billy running the 20K. Hope he saves me some food at the end.

Mile 10 - Just under my goal pace of 9 minutes per mile. Joke with the race volunteer asking if this is the finish line. Turn around and pick up the pace to 8:30/mile.

Mile 15 - I really hate this boring course. Getting tougher but I am not slowing down.

Mile 20 - Always nice to hit the track at the end. Finished with an overall pace of 8:41/mile, very nice negative split. Great effort and results, but oh so tough group of runners in Steilacoom. Last in my age group of 9 runners.

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Saturday, March 4, 2006

3/4/06 Run for Luck 10K

This is becoming one of my favorite 10K races. I feel like I am on a home course here on the Chehalis Western Trail. Jody and Billy here. Nice weather, little breeze.

Start - Good small crowd. Always hard to know how many are running the 10K until we hit the 5K split off just a quarter of a mile into the race.

Mile 1 - Group has thinned out. I am running right beside Sean Sexton. We talk a little bit but with the fast pace it is hard to converse.

Mile 3.1 - Really running too fast and sure I will slow down, but holding steady with Sean.

Mile 5 - Still with Sean, we are feeding off each other and working hard.

Mile 5.5 - Sean starts to pull away from me. Good for him. I just can not keep up but I have run really well today thanks to him.

Mile 6.2 - Wow I got in under 45 minutes, way better than I expected. Congratulate and thank Sean for the good time.

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

2/25/06 Steilacoom 15 miles

Back again for another Resolution Run. Billy running the 15K. Cool, but no wind and dry.

Start - Had a short warm up, but the legs do not feel quite right.

Mile 1 - Significant discomfort in legs/shins mostly. Need to loosen up or it is going to be a bad morning.

Mile 4 - It took about the first three miles to feel comfortable, but now I am running smoothly.

Mile 7.5 - Turn around. On a 7:54 pace and feeling fine.

Mile 12 - It was a good 12 miles, starting to tire now, but not that much farther to go. Still have a chance at beating 2 hours.

Mile 15 - On the track, sprinting for the finish line. I can see the clock and the two hour mark just slipping away. Still an enjoyable run.

69 of 110 9 of 9 in age group!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

2/11/06 Friendship Run 5K

Friendship Run = Run with friends. Billy and Tammy and Jody. Hoping for a faster time than last weeks slog. Cold and dry.
Start - Second time on this course. Fairly flat with some on a paved trail. Ready to explode....then we are off
Finish - Just get in under a 7 minute pace. Jog back to watch the others finish. Billy is 4 seconds in front of Tammy and just a minute ahead of Jody. Post raffle nets me a hat, shorts and $25 gift certificate to Traditions Cafe.
21:37 CR
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Saturday, February 4, 2006

2/4/06 St Martins Homecoming 5K

Sometimes the weather just does not cooperate. When it is particularly viscious it is time to relax, do your best and blame your time result on the weather. Today it is absolutely dumping rain with strong gusty winds. Good thing it is only a 5K and there is indoor space to wait for the start and dry off after.
Start - Wait till the last minute and do a brief warm up, ending up soaked. We are all laughing about how our friends must be warm and cozy drinking their morning coffee in front of the fire.
Mile 1 - Just over 7 minute pace and thoroughly drenched.
Mile 3.1 - Course still seems long to me. Good thing we brought towels. Jody and I win some "couples" award including $50 cash and free entry for next year.

13 of 32 1st in age group ribbon

Sunday, January 1, 2006

1/1/06 Steilacoom Resolution Run 5 Miles

Missed last years race, happy to be back and have Jody get out of bed and join me. Damp and cool, but no rain.
Mile 1 - Not going to be a great run. Can barely hold 7 minutes per mile.
Mile 3 - Legs tired and stiff, lets just tough it out and finish as strong as possible
Mile 5 - Always fun to race, but somewhat dissapointed with my time. We enjoy some hot cereal with superstar John Riak. He thinks that I still have some of the Seattle Marathon in me and that is why I was not able to race up to my potential. He could be right, but I am not so sure.
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