Saturday, January 26, 2008

1/26/08 Steilacoom 10 miler

Worst race of my life so far (132 as of March 2008).

Well rested and pumped for a PR. The ten mile PR has stuck out as something that should be beatable since I ran it in 1997. There just are not many ten mile races out there. On this day I had confidence of lowering that record. Cold and dry.

Mile 1 - Nice fast start. I had a good mile warm up and everything feels good.

Mile 3 - Running great. Controlled fury.

Mile 5 - This is getting exciting. I am well ahead of pace, but running controlled and feeling strong. Some of the best running in my life. At the turn around I realize that if I hold this pace I will PR by two minutes. I will purposely slow down just a bit so as to save something for the end. This is so terrific, I just love running.

Mile 5.1 - There is Ashley, cool, I'll PR and beat her too!!

Mile 5.4 - The world is spinning like I just got off the merry-go-round. Within three steps I go from denial, to staggering, to being helped to the ground by two runners and hoping that I will not pass out. Not so faint, just extreme vertigo. I can not focus my eyes and I feel horrible. Runners are passing in both directions. I urge the two women helpers to go on, I will be fine, but they insist that they will not leave until I am on my feet. They offer me water, gu, and try to diagnose, did I eat breakfast (duh, this is race number 132 I think that I know how to prepare), and they ask if they should call 911 (no!!!!). The next three minutes seemed like forever, but my eyes adjusted, I did not pass out, the race staff van promised to keep a watch on me, and I did get up and keep going rather than take the ride back. The two women were slow runners and had been heading out, I urged them to continue and said that I would walk in.

Mile 6 - Mixed emotions, glad to be concious, embarrassed about the event, very mad about the race. I am feeling better every minute just a little wiped out and fuzzy headed.

Mile 6.5 to mile 9 - Walk and jog, actually do a little running now and then. Hook up with a few slower runners. It is interesting to be back here. I feel like I have to explain my situation to everyone. One woman is really struggling to get in at a 8:30/min pace. I encourage her and let her go on as soon as I feel a little tired. No sense in taking more risks. With the slow pace and cold temp I am getting chilled and feeling yucky.

Mile 10 - I walked in lots of the last mile. I want to see the two women that helped me, but I never got a good look at their faces. I finished the race and turned around to find them and thank them. I waited and waited. Bob Dolphin shuffled in. I got in my car and drove the course in reverse but could not find them. Perhaps I had just met my guardian angels. They really gave me the care that I needed at that time. I hope I can find them someday and properly thank them.

Epilog - Jody and fellow Maniacs make me go to the doctor. The heart is fine, EKG and echocardiogram prove it. I do have a tricuspid valve that is supposed to be bicuspid and have a small heart murmur, but we already knew that. Official diagnosis is "junk in the inner ear"

Epilog II - Billy calls me after his Wednesday group run. Two women at his group, Nickie and Holly, had a tale to tell about helping a dizzy runner at the ten miler last week. I am able to go to the group run the next week and express my thanks. It was great to meet my angels.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

1/1/08 Steilacoom 5 miler

Back from two week vacation in Maui. Landed at Seatac at 11:30PM 12/31. Rang in the new year driving through Tacoma, in bed by 1AM. Up at 6AM, which is really 4AM with the jet lag.

Start - Great to see the NCHS team here. Sure is cold, but at least it is dry.

Mile 4 - Hey this is going great. I am not slowing down but I am running good and hard. Passing some folks and in very good spirits

Mile 5 - Surprisingly strong race. My favorite way to celebrate the new year. Now go home and rest.

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