Wednesday, July 4, 2001

7/4/01 Steilacoom 4 on the 4th

Had a fun time here last year and was happy to come back. Cheap no frills race with good size crowd. Nice downhill start, then killer uphill finish. My goal is to beat last years time.
Start - Announcement from the race director - "Due to the earthquake in February the bridge at the turn around is still closed. This will be a 3.9 mile race." Darn it. That is not right. Can't they start farther back here? No the street is lined with vendors for the fair. Suddenly this seems like a waste of time. I'll never run another 3.9 mile race, so what is the point of doing this one? Ok lets lose the crappy attitude and get moving, we are racing.
Mile 1.95 - Turn around. I can see the real one on the other side of the bridge, not very far away. O well keep moving and get ready to charge up that hill
Mile 3.9 - Whew, that ending is killer, really takes it out of you. I managed to beat last year's time by 16 seconds. Probably would not have PRed but who knows. Good to get out and run on this great day.

93rd of 250

Saturday, June 23, 2001

6/23/01 Swede Days 5K

To the little town of Rochester for this 5K race put on by Thurston County Parks and Recreation. My last four 5Ks have all gotten progressively faster and in the last one I broke the 20 minute mark. I hope I can do even better today. Nice to see Isaac here. Good weather for running. Horrible bathroom in the old Swede Hall.
Start - Good small group of runners.
Mile 1 - Flat course, should be a good time.
Mile 3.1 - Disappointed with time. I expected to be faster. Nice to get a ribbon though. Pain in foot is really bad and frustrating. Takes forever to loosen up and I am hobbling around most mornings.
21st of 58, first in age group ribbon

Sunday, May 20, 2001

5/20/01 Capital City 5 miler

Last year I ran the marathon, this year it is the 5 mile race. I have gotten faster but have not done any long runs. Foot has been bothering me (plantar faciitis). Nice to see my neighbor Kim here. Learn that the course is not five miles. It will be short. That is frustrating.
Start - Different start and finish from the marathon. It feels like a really separate event.
Finish - Ran well. Very happy to get a very nice award. But not happy with a time and distance that can not be compared to a true 5 mile race. Would I have set a PR? We will never know.
31st of 215 2nd in age group plaque

Saturday, April 14, 2001

4/14/01 Millersylvania 5K

This will be my 8th consecutive 5K and 5th 5K this year. It will be my 4th 5K this year at Millersylvania so I am familiar with the course. I have two of my students meeting me here and they are both faster than me, so it should make for good competition. My foot feels OK after I warm up, but really hurts the morning after a good effort. Weather is nice.
Start - Mike, Dan and two dozen others toe the line at the start. We are off and Mike takes a quick and commanding lead. Amazing for someone who does not train at all.
Mile 1 - 6:30, right on schedule. Dan is ahead of me, but not out of reach.
Mile 1.55 - Turn around. Looks like I am in 8th place. Running strong and steady.
Mile 2.5 - Dan is slowing, or I am getting faster. I may be able to catch him.
Mile 2.9 - Pass Dan. It was so helpful to have him there to compete with, make me run faster.
Mile 3.1 - Yes!! 19:49, smash my PR by almost a minute!! On the same course where I have been running and I know it is not short. One of my greatest moments of running in my life. Talk smack with Dan and Mike (why don't you train and run more?!!) and head home happy.
7th of 25 runners, 1st in age group award

Saturday, March 31, 2001

3/31/01 Millersylvania 5K

Back to Millersylvania State Park for another 5K. I have been doing lots of track work and although my plantar faciitis has been bothering me, I think I am improving speed wise. Great weather. Small turn out as usual.
Mile 3.1 - Oh that was tough. I managed to beat last months time by only 2 seconds. It was a PR, by two seconds but I was hoping to do even better. I should be satisfied any time I PR.
6th place of 18

Sunday, February 25, 2001

2/25/01 Millersylvania 5K

Ran here a month ago and know the out and back course. Plantar hurts. Small crowd as usual and with so many distances starting at the same time, I won't know how I am doing place wise until the turn around.

Finish - PR by two seconds. Happy about that. Otherwise uneventful but fun. I do like racing.

20:52 (6:44 pace per mile) PR 1st in age group
6th place of 20 finishers

Saturday, February 10, 2001

2/10/2001 St Martins Homecoming 5K

Raced a 5K two weeks ago but I am ready to race again. Small group of runners on this funny course around the campus. Nice that is is close to home. I am wearing my new racing flats.
Start - Some real speedsters here and a good mix of us regular folks. We will make a big circle on paved roads with a nice hill at mile 1. Then it is on a little dirt trail to the dirt track that is in horrible condition. Back through the parking lots to the start. Repeat the loop, but skip the track part on the second go around.
Finish - Don't think the racing shoes helped my time any. Course seems long, at least in my mind. Hobbling from plantar pain the next couple of days.
21:55 3rd place in age group ribbon
31 of 60

Saturday, January 27, 2001

1/27/01 Millersylvania 5K

My first trip to Millersylvania State Park. Bob Greene puts on foot races of many different distances at various times throughout the year here. I like the setting, but the runs leave the park and are run mostly on open country roads with 50MPH speed limits and little shoulder in some places. One of my students, Mike Miller, is here. And I see a friend from chucrh, Isaac. I manage to hold a 7 minute mile and finish where I expected to, nothing real special about today. Perhaps I will race here again.
21:44 1st in age group medal
5th of 20 runners