Sunday, December 16, 2007

12/16/07 Christmas Marathon

I was due for a long run and decided to jump into this Bob Green race just for fun. My mistake was not having any real time goal other than to hope to break 4 hours. Talked Billy into running the full marathon. We could run together for a little while, should be a good time. Cold weather with threat of rain. I decided to wear tights, maybe my first ever race doing this. We also had Tammy positioned to give us water and aid as needed, especially since were were taking the early start.

Mile 1 - Nice easy 9ish pace with Bill. About 30 runners in the early group.

Mile 2 - Bill and I go our seperate ways as I pick up the pace ever so slightly. Meet Monty.

Mile 3 - Catch up to Ron and Jim. Its pretty windy and I try to draft a little but they are too small. The road is too unsafe for two across let alone three and I should be going just a little faster so I move on ahead

Mile 5-6 Running with a nice pack, off the main road. Meet a young couple and also a father and daughter (Mike and Ashley). How cool is that, running a marathon with your kid? Mike just joined the Maniacs and Ashley will soon. They seem to be very intent on the pacing and are going just a little slow for my pace, so I edge on ahead.

Mile 13.1 - Wind has been blowing hard. I hit the turnaround at 1:55. Someone asked what my goal time was and I honestly could not answer, but I knew that was bad. What would keep me motivated when it gets hard?

Mile 17 - Wind at my back but I am spent. Tammy is there to encourage me, but it is not looking good. I start taking walking breaks.

Mile 20-25 - Way too many long walking breaks. Billy's friend Chris stops by to encourage me. I pass some 1/2 marathon walkers and joke with them, I am barely running as fast as they are walking. I am making so many deals with my watch. I give up on 4 hours and that enables me to relax and slow even more. Ashley passes me, elf ears and all, looking very comfortable. She has my respect as a runner from that moment on.

Mile 26.2 - Crossed the finish line without much emotion. Good to be done, satisfied with the run but a little dissapointed in the time. Basically gave up and walked it in when it got rough. At least the rain held off.

41 of 85 runners