Sunday, November 27, 2005

11/27/05 Seattle Marathon

In every previous race I have run as hard as possible with a specific time goal. What would it be like to run a marathon just for the fun of it? I did my big race in Portland 7 weeks ago, I should be fairly well recovered, yet still well trained. Marathons are great fun, why not just jump in and run Seattle? Raymond planning to run, also mostly for fun.

Start - Drove up with the family the day before. Went to the massive expo/packet pick up. Stayed the night at BK's Pike Place condo. Up early in the dark. Cool with some wind, but no rain. Half mile walk to the Monorail station. Uh oh, there is the Monorail leaning off the side, somewhat derailed. Station is closed and no buses are available so I am told that I must walk the mile to the Seattle Center. Good thing I am plenty early. No need to freak out, just take a nice easy stroll to the start area. Find Raymond and we start off together.
Mile 2 - A pleasant run through downtown, then on to a highway ramp and lots of concrete
Mile 3 - Having to dodge walking half marathoners who are walking three or four abreast. Into the "bus tunnel". A mile long tunnel, this would be great if it were raining. Raymond is warmed up and ready to make his move. I ask him to not eat all the post race food before I get there and wish him well on his way.
Mile 5 - Out of the tunnel and onto the I-90 Floating Bridge. Beautiful day and secenery!!
Mile 6 - Quick turnaround on Mercer Island, great view of all the runners.
Mile 12 - This has been a very flat race so far. Good to get off the concrete, now running along Lake Washington and around Seward Park. Legs feel good and I am on a good pace and having fun.
Mile 19 - Still on the flats, starting to tire a bit, but doing fine.
Mile 20 - Very steep uphill, and now it begins....the hilly section.
Mile 22 - Wasted and taking walking breaks but still enjoying myself, I really do not care about the finish time, it is just great to be here. I am surprised at how much more fun I can have when the pressure is off, just easing up a bit makes this a terrific experience.
Mile 25 - Right turn and a lovely long downhill in site. My left knee however decides to give out with a surge of pain. I have to walk and the pain goes away, but it was severe and a little scary at the time.
Mile 25.5 - There is Jody and the boys. She says that I am not running very fast. Geeze!!
Mile 26.2 - Cool run across the athletic field and sprint to the finish. So glad I did this and hope to come back again.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

10/29/05 Ghostmuster 5K

Love the Ghostmuster. Billy, Jody and Jared (1 miler). Cool and damp but no rain.
Mile 1 - some right leg discomfort
Mile 2 - tired, this is an off day
Mile 3.1 - Well I had fun as usual, love this size of a race. Finished 16 seconds faster than last year, but know I could have done better.

21st of 126 3rd in age group ribbon

Sunday, October 9, 2005

10/9/05 Portland Marathon

Well I have been trying to beat 4 hours in the marathon for about ten years. Why not today? Been training well and feel ready. Quiet evening at Mom and Dad's. Leave the house nice and early to find the crowd in the still dark downtown. Cool and nice with a little breeze.

Start - Line up just in front of the 4 hour pacer. Soon we are off, a walking, shuffling, finally jogging.
Mile 0.1 - Wow moment. Must be Chinatown or something. Drums pounding from both sides of the road, really dramatic and inspiring. I am almost overcome with emotion.
Mile 0.3 - Except that now 7,000 runners are having to skinny into one lane, then dodge a big puddle and go through a narrow fence opening. We negotiate that and continue on.
Mile 5 - Feeling good, going a little faster than I should. Cheerleaders and musicians throughtout the course. Also, spectators keep yelling my name. My name is printed on the bib so even strangers can encourage me.
Mile 9 - Long flat stretch. Too easy to go too fast. Not the best part of town, some kind of industrial area with lots of train tracks to skip over.
Mile 13.1 - 8:35 pace is really too fast, but I feel so good, maybe I can break 3:50?
Mile 16 - Starting up the one big hill.
Mile 17 - I made it up OK, but it took some energy out of me. High above the Willamette River on the St. John's Bridge.
Mile 18 - Starting to fade. It is all downhill from here, sort of, I just need to hang on.
Mile 20 - Upset stomache. Try to take a GU but it is horrible.
Mile 21 - Can not even drink water. Just dump it on my head
Mile 23 - Getting very hard to keep going, but still running. Mental Tenacity is needed now. I could run 10 minute miles and still beat 4 hours, and that is what I am doing.
Mile 25.5 - The last water stop. I have been walking a few steps at every aid station. Here is the last one. I almost cry as I get to the last kid in line with a cup and make myself run again.
Mile 26.2 - I really did not know if I could do it, and was so pleased to see 3:56 on the big clock. Great recovery area. Now that I am done running I know I need to drink something. I try water, but it does not appeal, I try some kind of "Tazoberry" drink and just can not take a second sip. Then I am offered a cup of orange juice. It is wonderful. I guzzle down three full cups to my sheer delight. Just what I needed. Walk to the car and drive 2 hours home.

3:56:25 PR
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Sunday, September 11, 2005

9/11/05 Bank to Bay 10K

Back to downtown Tacoma for the third year in a row. Billy signed up just for the shirt that he had been admiring. He even bought the 2003 edition that they were selling at a discount. Chip timing this year, a very good addition with the large crowd. Cool and cloudy.
Start - Don't worry about position so much with the chip. So crowded though, but soon to spread out on the long downhill.
Mile 3.1 - Feeling strong and ahead of PR pace. Can I hold it on the uphill?
Mile 5.5 - Long uphill but I am holding my own. Much better and stronger than last year.
Mile 6.2 - Nice PR by 2 minutes!! Go back and cheer on Billy on one of his first races (57:45)
45:57 Course Record
134 of 697 race #83, Bank to Bay #3

Saturday, August 27, 2005

8/27/05 Rainier Roundup 5K

Back to the sleepy early morning town of Rainier for my second Roundup 5K. Flat and fast on the out and back Yelm-Tenino paved trail. Jared with me to run the one mile race (8:20). Cool and nice weather.
Start - very small race. I do like these low key Thurston County offerings.
Turn around - Working hard but feeling good. My times are getting better with more consitent running and monthly mileage. Endurance is there.
Mile 2 - One of the best feelings in racing is when you can reel someone in, pass them and then focus on the next one to pass. I am doing just that. Must have paced myself well.
Mile 2.8 - I have been tracking two women in front of me for a long way and am finally able to catch them. Successful racing today.
Mile 3.1 - Nice strong finish. Very pleased with race. What could top that? How about winning a South Sound Running cap at the raffle? Great day.
22:00 CR
5th of 27

Sunday, July 24, 2005

7/24/05 Gateway to the Pacific half marathon

My first Bob Green race at the Summer location, Vance Creek Park in Elma. Same low key approach, similar country roads with 50MPH speed limits and little shoulder. It has been over a year since my last 1/2 marathon and I belive that a PR is in store. Don't see anyone that I know. Cool now but threatening to warm up.
Mile 4 - Fall in with a woman from Portland. We talk about the Portland Marathon. She tells me about the big hill on that course and how her goal is to not walk up it. She says that with my 1/2 pace, I should have no trouble running a 3:45 there. She does not have the body of a runner and really does not look fast, but by mile 9 starts pulling away.
Mile 10 - I am starting to slow. I am still on PR pace but getting hot. Only fans are a few cows.
Mile 13.1 - Not a strong finish, but always nice to PR. I took just under a minute off my time from 1996. PR after 9 years!!
11th of 42

Friday, July 15, 2005

7/16/05 Lakefair 8K

Family affair this year with Jody and Jared running. Also great to have Billy and Tammy here. Goal is to hold a 7 minute mile as long as possible. Popular local race with many familiar faces. Nice weather
Mile 2 - Not able to hold a seven pace. Not sure what is wrong, but today is not going so well.
Mile 4 - Struggling but still moving along. Looks like a PR is in the bank, that is nice.
Finish - Nice sprint at the end and overall an OK race. Jog back to cheer on the others.
36:15 PR
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Monday, July 4, 2005

7/4/05 Steilacoom 4 miler

My 5th Four on the 4th. Getting to be a tradition. First time with this GPS watch. I want to run 7 minute miles, so I set the "virtual buddy" to do just that. If I go out too fast, I will know how far ahead of him I am, too slow and I will know his lead. Goal is to run with him, but with the huge hill that does not seem likely. Warm and sunny
Start - Nice to see Wayne and Seth. Also that kid, James Jasperson. He is 9 years old, but pretty evenly matched to me.
Mile 1 - Awful fast on the downhill, far ahead of buddy.
Mile 2.2 - James is passing me. I put up a small surge and get ahead of him again.
Mile 3 - Buddy is catching up. It is warm and I am feeling discouraged. Really tough to hold the pace and I know that the big uphill looms.
Mile 3.5 - Really working hard, this is going to be close.
Mile 4 - Crest the hill and sprint through the shoot. Hannah Herzog is screaming her head off for me. I made it!! No PR, but so glad to dip under 28 minutes. Billy finished 7 minutes behind me. Wayne beat me solidly, most improved runner by far, he took 5 minutes off last year's time.
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Saturday, June 11, 2005

6/11/05 Sound to Narrows 12K

Goal = less than 60 minutes
Race - Impossible to hold any kind of steady pace with all these hills. Probably started too fast. Strong headwind on the uphill finish.
Finish - Made my goal with time to spare.
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Sunday, May 15, 2005

5/15/05 Capital City Marathon

Goal = beat 4 hours. I've had the best training yet and 4 hours should be within reach. Besides, I have a secret weapon, Raymond Miles will meet me at mile 16 and pace me to the end. Dumping heavy rain just before the start, but with just a few minutes before the start, the rain stops.

Start - Got my rain jacket with me just in case.
Mile 2 - It has been a nice run around Capitol Lake. Now up the hill and I am at the Fall's Terrace Resturant. I discard my jacket into some bushes, hoping it will still be there after the race.
Mile 7 - There is Hannah with a fresh bottle of gatorade. I have my fuel belt with me, for some reason I do not trust the water stops to provide me with enough fluids. I have already downed one gatorade and I start in on the second.
Mile 13 - There is Lori with my third gatorade. I am drinking plenty of fluids and feeling good.
Mile 16 - Raymond looks funny to me. He is standing there reading the Sunday paper in his running gear while everyone is passing by. I yell to him and he joins me. I inform him that I have about 4 minutes in the bank, so we are really on a good pace.
Mile 18 - Fun running with Raymond. He is chatty and thanking the spectators. More than one person comments on how fresh he looks. Strong headwind on one problem.....just have Raymond block it for me.
Mile 20 - Feeling sick to my stomach. All that gatorade is just sloshing around in there.
Mile 21 - Starting to slow.
Mile 23 - Really hard time now. Feel sick. I want to walk, but Raymond say's "walk? THERE IS NO WALKING!!". I comply and keep shuffling along. He is looking at his watch with some concern. Not much either of us can do at this point. I want to vomit.
Mile 26.2 - I should be happy and I am, I took 5 minutes off of my previous best time, but I just could not beat the 4 hour challenge.

4:03:21 PR
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Saturday, May 7, 2005

5/7/05 Public Agency Challenge 2 Miles

Marathon next weekend, it would be crazy to do a race today right? Well how about the little two miler, while my friends run the 10K? Cloudy and cool.
Start - Uphill on Capitol
Mile 1 - Turn around and head downhill all the way to the finish.
Finish - At the "winged victory statue". Nice finish area. Over so fast, but a fun time and fun to run quickly.
10th place of 79

Saturday, April 30, 2005

4/30/05 Bulldog's Unleashed 5K

Small fundraiser for Washington Middle School in Olympia. Piling on the miles this month so I decided to run the whole course once as a warm up. Then rest a bit before the start. Cool and misty.
Mile 3.1 - Pretty good even pacing and happy with time. Running two more miles after the race was tough but it gives me 175 miles for the month a new record. 3rd place in my age group dog bone ribbon and $25 raffle win tops of a great morning.
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Saturday, March 5, 2005

3/5/05 Run for Luck 10K

Chehalis Western Trail = Flat and Fast. Too bad I am not quite as fast as I used to be. Am getting faster though after that long break. In heavy marathon training mode, good time to hop in for a low key 10K. Cool and nice weather.
Race - Good run and good pacing. Nothing special, except that during the last two miles I passed five runners and was not passed myself. GPS watch kept close to the mile markers and was great for helping with pace.
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Saturday, February 26, 2005

2/26/05 Saint Martins Homecoming 5K

Has it really been three months since my last race? I have been training for CCM and the work has gone well. Also got a GPS watch that has been very fun to use. Cool and foggy.
Start - A few serious runners here and I do not really know anybody. I feel a little out of place. After a short warm up I toe the line.
Finish - GPS says that the course was 3.226, a tenth of a mile long. Race director is sure that it is accurate. Problem was I was pacing based on watch and thought I was going faster. A little dissapointed with my time and the course seemed tough. Won a cool picnic basket stuffed with goodies in the raffle that went a long way in appeasing me though.
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