Sunday, November 27, 2005

11/27/05 Seattle Marathon

In every previous race I have run as hard as possible with a specific time goal. What would it be like to run a marathon just for the fun of it? I did my big race in Portland 7 weeks ago, I should be fairly well recovered, yet still well trained. Marathons are great fun, why not just jump in and run Seattle? Raymond planning to run, also mostly for fun.

Start - Drove up with the family the day before. Went to the massive expo/packet pick up. Stayed the night at BK's Pike Place condo. Up early in the dark. Cool with some wind, but no rain. Half mile walk to the Monorail station. Uh oh, there is the Monorail leaning off the side, somewhat derailed. Station is closed and no buses are available so I am told that I must walk the mile to the Seattle Center. Good thing I am plenty early. No need to freak out, just take a nice easy stroll to the start area. Find Raymond and we start off together.
Mile 2 - A pleasant run through downtown, then on to a highway ramp and lots of concrete
Mile 3 - Having to dodge walking half marathoners who are walking three or four abreast. Into the "bus tunnel". A mile long tunnel, this would be great if it were raining. Raymond is warmed up and ready to make his move. I ask him to not eat all the post race food before I get there and wish him well on his way.
Mile 5 - Out of the tunnel and onto the I-90 Floating Bridge. Beautiful day and secenery!!
Mile 6 - Quick turnaround on Mercer Island, great view of all the runners.
Mile 12 - This has been a very flat race so far. Good to get off the concrete, now running along Lake Washington and around Seward Park. Legs feel good and I am on a good pace and having fun.
Mile 19 - Still on the flats, starting to tire a bit, but doing fine.
Mile 20 - Very steep uphill, and now it begins....the hilly section.
Mile 22 - Wasted and taking walking breaks but still enjoying myself, I really do not care about the finish time, it is just great to be here. I am surprised at how much more fun I can have when the pressure is off, just easing up a bit makes this a terrific experience.
Mile 25 - Right turn and a lovely long downhill in site. My left knee however decides to give out with a surge of pain. I have to walk and the pain goes away, but it was severe and a little scary at the time.
Mile 25.5 - There is Jody and the boys. She says that I am not running very fast. Geeze!!
Mile 26.2 - Cool run across the athletic field and sprint to the finish. So glad I did this and hope to come back again.

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