Friday, March 28, 2008

3/23/08 Easter Marathon

My first time not running a race that I was registered for. I had signed up for the 20 miler in Steilacoom, but when this marathon was listed I figured that this would be the easiest chance to get silver level in the Maniacs (6 in 6 months). I had planned on 20 miles today, what is another 6.2?

Double out and back route. Cold but sunny at the start, soon to warm up to nice mild temperatures with little wind, perfect running conditions. Small turn out for the early start, but some familiar faces. I decided to go out quickly and settle into a comfortable pace no faster than 8:15/mile.

Mile 1 - I am in third place overall ( of the early starters). The lead runner, all the way from Texas, plans to run a 3:10 and is way out in front, I hope he does well.

Mile 4 - I hear some clomping behind me, it sounds like two or three runners bearing down fast. Nope, just Stevie Ray Lopez. He appears to be on a mission and soon is well ahead of me.

Mile 6.5 - Turn around at the cone. I am at 8:11 pace overall. Really should slow down, but I have been holding back. If I go sub 8:10 I will take a walking break.

Mile 13.1 - Back at the park. Made a quick turn around and headed for lap 2. SR Lopez took a long break and I am ahead of him again.

Mile 15 - SR Lopez blows by. Nobody behind me. Another "Bob Green run by yourself until Billy shows up" race.

Mile 16 - Passed by a large biker gang. After about 25 motorcycles passed me I threw my hands in the air in salute. Got buzzed by a monster harley, so loud, but a nice distraction.

Mile 17 - Starting to slow a bit, but with so much time in the bank I let myself slow but kept moving.

Mile 19 - Still at about 8:25 overall. Right shoe is a little loose, might as well stop to tie it. Oh, there is SR Lopez back from the turnaround. He had seen me bent over and asked if I was alright. Since my severe dizzy spell in the ten mile race, I have been much more appreciative of fellow runners and sensitive to others possible needs. I think that I will always carry my cell phone with me on Bob Green races just in case one of us is found in the ditch. A benefit to running more marathons is that no one race is so all important that I would risk injury to myself or allow someone else to suffer.

Mile 20 - Slowing down. Play music on the cell phone, no one around that could be bothered. 4 Grateful Dead songs would get me to the finish. Oh, there is Billy, he checks on me, then tells me that he has tired legs and will join me at mile 22. I am about 2 miles ahead of the next runner.

Mile 22 - Running and taking walking breaks now, with Billy. My head feels good, stomache feels good with much less fluid intake, just getting fatigued and starting to feel some discomfort in the quads. I am in very positive spirits however, a much better mood than my last marathon.

Mile 23 - Darn quadriceps are not cooperating. They basically stop functioning every once in a while. My legs feel like noodles. I have to take some short walking breaks. Try to not look at my watch and just do my best.
Mile 24 - Spamroll

Mile 25 - Give the fuel belt to Billy. Why didn't I do that at mile 22? My PR has slipped away, but I am still in good shape mentally. Into the park with a half mile to go. Look at the watch and think that I could get under 3:54 if I can finish strong. Legs are not cooperating though and I cross the line in 3:54:06. Averaged about 9:45/mile for the last 6 miles.

26.2 -Marathon #17 is done. My second fastest time yet. Nice blister on my left foot that I had no idea I was getting. Hung around the finish area with some Maniacs for a while. Looking forward the Yakima Marathon in two weeks and a larger group of runners.
10th place of 34 runners

Saturday, March 1, 2008

3\1\08 Run for Luck 10K

Flat and fast on the Chehalis Western Trail. Thurston County Parks and Recreation puts on a quality race. Another green t-shirt. Jody ran the 5K. Cool and dry with some breeze

Start - Good to see Bob Martin. Plan to stay behind him. A couple of other very fast runners.

Mile 1 - Out of the crowd and all alone again. Sub 7 pace will not hold.

Mile 3 - The two leaders are not that far in front of me. They also do not seem to be running very fast. Later I learned that they overshot the turn around and ran considerable farther that they were supposed to. They gave up on racing and just ran in together at a comfortable pace.

Mile 3.1 -No trouble for me seeing the turnaround with aid station and volunteer. At a 7:15 pace and feeling pretty good.

Mile 4.5 - Pass one of the fast guys who is walking. I think it is Andy Piercy. I ask if he is OK and he says that he pulled his hamstring. I told him to walk it in and not make it worse.

Mile 5.5 - No one ahead of me, or behind me. Jody and Jared are out to cheer and push me on. I like that last quarter mile to the finish.

Mile 6.2 - Bob Martin comes to congratulate me but I push him away thinking that I just might vomit. I recover pretty quickly and am pleased with the results. Ten seconds faster than last year.


8th place overall out of 50