Saturday, February 21, 2004

2/21/04 Resolution Run 15K

Drove up with Raymond for this one, such nice company. See Bree before the start. I tell them that I will absolutely run a PR today. Then I tell the truth, that I have never raced 15K before. Cloudy and cool.
Mile 1 - Nice easy 8:30 and now I am ready to go a little faster
Mile 4 - There is Bree on her way back. She encourages me. Its cool to know someone who is that fast.
Mile 8 - Struggling to keep pace, floundering a bit, but done good on the hills
Finish - Round the track and very pleased to get in under 1:15
1:14:15 (7:59 per mile pace)
65th place of 160

Saturday, February 14, 2004

2/14/04 Friendship Run 5K

First time race in west Olympia, to benefit a pre-school. Tammy's first race!! Jody running the 5K and Caleb running the one mile race. Cool.
Start - Can we get started please? It is really cold outside. Organizers are doing what they can but it is obviously a first time event. Nice little crowd and we are patient. Eventually we are sent off.
Mile 1 - I like the course. We are on a nice paved trail with some curves. Cut the corners as best I can
Mile 2 - Heading back now on a road parallel to the trail. Flattish nice course, but I am not going as fast as I would like.
Mile 3.1 - Turn the corner and sprint of a little hill to the finish. Not my best time, but it was fun. Cheer on Tammy, then Jody. Caleb won the one mile race. Wait aroung forever for results and raffles. Good post race food. Tammy has a smooth stride and has the makings of a good runner, so fun to have her join us.
12th of 53 3rd place in age group (won a water bottle)