Saturday, January 31, 2004

1/31/04 Resolution Run 10K

January will end with 58.5 miles run. That is really low, but I will have increased in each of the last 4 months. So I have a few more miles in the bank and I am feeling more like a runner. Back to Steilacoom for the 10K race.
Start - Wait until the last possible moment inside the school with most of the runners. It is cold rain today. Finally move outside with the masses just in time for the start.
Finish - Very pleased with run. Had a fun time and I am getting faster again. I would like to never lose that much fitness again, it does take time to get it back
68 of 195

Thursday, January 1, 2004

1/1/04 Steilacoom Resolution Run 5 miler

It has been four years since my last January 1st race. Most of the world is still tucked in bed after a late night of celebration. I will be happy with anything under 40 minutes today.
Start - It is really cold out. Race director warns us that there are icy spots on the road and to be careful.
Mile 1.8 - Icy spot. Have to really slow and gingerly walk across it.
Mile 4 - Running well and steady
Mile 5 - Made my goal time and happy for that. Just good to ring in the new year with a run.
77th place of 146