Friday, October 22, 1999

10/22/99 Roman Meal Glove Run 5K

Second time doing this race. I like the free bread and the Roman soldier. Nice "gold" coin he gives out too. Cold and windy today.

Tough going and a little slower than last year. Still I plan to run this one again

36th of 140 (the fast ones do the 10K race)
30th race

Saturday, September 18, 1999

9/18/99 South Sound 5K

Up a little late and decided to skip breakfast. Run went ok, but not super happy with my time. Nice route for this local 5K. I sure am enjoying the extra free time with my shorter commute and hope to get into some longer running soon.

53rd of 135

Saturday, July 17, 1999

7/17/99 Lakefair, Olympia 10K

First race in Washington where we are not living on Vashon Island and having to deal with that commute. Downtown Olympia is so close to home!! About a month ago I ran my first ever sub 6 minute mile (5:58) and I feel in the best running shape ever. Cool for July with a little light rain. Run a smart race and have a good finishing kick.

44:17 PR
65th of 295

Saturday, April 24, 1999

4/24/99 Pound for Pound 5 Miler - Fircrest

Here is a twist on the usual race; instead of age group awards, have weight group awards. As we pick up our race number we step on a scale and get assigned to a weight class. Course is through urban/suburban Fircrest with one major hill. Warm and sunny day.
Mile 4 - On my time target for a sub 35 minute race but just barely. In a nice pack, a large pack for this late in the race. Stay with the pack, use them to help with pacing and holding on.
Finish - PR! and squeaked in just under 35. Very pleased with my time.

34:56 PR
36th of 140 second place in weight group ribbon

Saturday, January 30, 1999

1/30/99 Res Run 10K

Made the trip off island by myself for this one. Writing ten years later, this one is just not very memorable.

60th of 198

Friday, January 1, 1999

1/1/99 Res Run Steilacoom 5K

Spent the night in Seattle with Jody, then drove down in the morning for this race. Same location as the "Glove Run" at least for the start and finish on the High School track. Course will be different, but the same type of residential roads. This race is the first in a series; each month the distance gets longer (5k, 5miles then 10K, 10 miles the 15K, 15 miles and finally 20K or 20 miles). For those who like to race this seems like a great way to train for a marathon. Today it is cold and we are tired. Don't expect too fast a time and in fact neither of us do too well.

79th of 241