Sunday, May 16, 2004

5/16/04 Capital City Half Marathon

It has been four years since I race raced anything farther than 12K. I have finally gotten my mileage up and I have gotten some medium long runs in. I know that I will not be very speedy today but I do enjoy the whole race atmosphere and Cap City is such a quality event. I hope to run 8 minute miles. Cloudy and cool.
Start - Joan Benoit Samuelson is here also running the half. Maybe I can beat her :)
Mile 5 - Plugging along but not going to make my time goal. Already getting hard to hold pace.
Mile 11 - Actually I have been doing well, but all of a sudden it is getting very tough.
Mile 12.5 - Knee pain on the downhill. Very painfull and hard finish.
Mile 13.1 - Glad that one is over. Nice to do the half, but if I can get back in shape I think I'd like to run the full again next year.
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Saturday, May 1, 2004

5/1/04 Public Agency Challenge 10K

New race for me. I love the state capitol start and finish. Race is put on by the YMCA but is geared toward workers in the various state agencies. There is competition between those groups, but the race is open to the public and many of the regulars are here. Nice morning with bright sunshine.
Mile 3 - keeping a good pace and feeling strong in the legs. Sun is so bright however I wish I had sunglasses. Also it is getting hot out here.
Mile 6.2 - Strong finish. Very pleased with time. Quality race I will plan to run again.
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