Sunday, May 16, 2004

5/16/04 Capital City Half Marathon

It has been four years since I race raced anything farther than 12K. I have finally gotten my mileage up and I have gotten some medium long runs in. I know that I will not be very speedy today but I do enjoy the whole race atmosphere and Cap City is such a quality event. I hope to run 8 minute miles. Cloudy and cool.
Start - Joan Benoit Samuelson is here also running the half. Maybe I can beat her :)
Mile 5 - Plugging along but not going to make my time goal. Already getting hard to hold pace.
Mile 11 - Actually I have been doing well, but all of a sudden it is getting very tough.
Mile 12.5 - Knee pain on the downhill. Very painfull and hard finish.
Mile 13.1 - Glad that one is over. Nice to do the half, but if I can get back in shape I think I'd like to run the full again next year.
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