Sunday, July 4, 2004

7/4/04 Steilacoom 4 on the 4th

This is becoming a tradition. Surprised to see Wayne Bridges here. His son Seth is quite the runner and Wayne has started running too. Pretty nice weather although it will be warm on the way back. Feeling patriotic today.
Mile 0.5 - 3 minutes and change. Going plenty fast enough. Wayne is about 25 feet in front of me. Amtrak train is coming towards us and blows its horn. View of train, Puget Sound, and tons of runners. Good to be an American
Mile 1 - Wayne is ahead of me but in sight.
Mile 2 - Turn around. Wayne is same distance away
Mile 3 - Now it is getting hard. All of a sudden I see that Wayne is walking!! I cruise past him and head up the hill to the finish.
Mile 4 - Fun time today. Wayne says that he walked a little so that he could look good at the finish. He would superimprove in the next year and has beaten me many times since then.
70 of 187

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