Saturday, July 17, 2004

7/17/04 Lakefair 8K

Around the lake, up the hill to Tumwater and down Capitol Way. Jody, Billy and Tammy along for the fun. I am very confident that I can run faster than last year. It is so good to be getting back into shape. Sunny and a little warm.

Mile 1 - Too fast as usual, but running with a nice pack.
Mile 2 - Struggling up the steep hill, but I have done this many times. Now I hear a clicking sound under my right foot. I must have a pebble stuck in my shoe tread. I try to kick it out but it does not budge. Well I can live with the sound and I'll just keep running.
Mile 4 - Darn rock is still there, except maybe it is not a stone. I can feel a tiny pinprick on my big toe. I have picked up a nail or tack or something and it just won't come loose, but it is not worth stopping for. Having a fun time here.
Mile 4.98 - Good strong finish. I pull the sharpened tip of a screw out of my shoe. Take off my shoe and find a small blood stain on my sock. Really the tiniest of injuries, but Jody says I have to see the doctor about a tetanus shot. Doctor agrees and I go in for the shot. The screw made this race more memorable, but it was also a well run effort and did show my improvement over the last year.
38:02 PR
130 of 400 runners

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