Sunday, April 9, 2006

4/9/06 Easter Bunny Marathon

Double out and back out of Millersylvania State Park. Very small turn out. Bob Green seems a little perturbed that there are not more runners. My first encounter with the Marathon Maniacs club. I mention to one runner that I am doing this as a long slow training run for Capitol City, he thinks that is a very reasonable idea. Clouds and sun, cool and warmish at times.

Mile 6 - All by my lonesome self. Listen to music on the MP3 player. Make myself go very slowly and take walk breaks. Keep reminding myself that this is about going the distance, not racing.

Mile 13.1 - Back at the park. 2:08 for the half

Mile 23.5 - Starting to tire but not a hard wall. Pull away from Billy and head for the finish.

Mile 26.2 - This is called the Easter Bunny Marathon so I get to the finish line and hop across. First negative split marathon. Maintained good spirits and kept plugging along when it did get a little difficult. Hope this works as a good training run.

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