Saturday, January 5, 2013

1/5/13 White Elephant 5 miler

Race around Capitol Lake.  $10 day of race entry, plus a gift exchange.  This will be the farthest that I have run without walk breaks in a long time.  I am still having minor foot issues and really do not want any set backs.  I am afraid that I will push too hard in the race.  So I am happy when I invite Jared to come and he accepts.  He plans to run his first half marathon in May and only a few days ago ran his farthest of 4 miles.  He would like to run the 5 miles today in 50 minutes and that sounds like a great plan.  40 degrees and gray.  Nice to see all the familiar faces. No warm up running.

Start - We start near the back and go a little faster than planned on the long downhill.

Mile 2 - Holding a steady pace.  There is Jody to take our picture.  There really are lots of people behind us.  Looking back we see a huge gap.  We decide that we are the "slowest of the fast".

Mile 2.5 - We slow down a little on purpose, as the big uphill is coming.  Hey my foot is feeling fine.

Mile 3 - Up up up and Jared is doing great.  We should make our goal time no problem.  I keep monitoring Jared's effort and push him on, but it is not too hard.  We pass a couple of people, including Scott who I have been tracking most of the way.

Mile 4 - Flat last mile.

Mile 4.5 - Jared can sense the finish and starts going much faster.  I can keep up and I stay right with him.

Finish - 5.06 on the GPS.  The gift exchange is a bit of a bust as I get 5 energy gels, replacing the energy gels that I gifted away.  Really happy about my foot and a fun morning with Jared.

68th of 118

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1/1/13 Resolution Run 5K

So happy to be back racing.  My left foot sure has taken its time getting better.  I could not do three marathons that I had been registered for.  I lost my streak of 100 mile months.  But I kept a pretty good attitude.  It was fun to volunteer at the Pigtails Marathon and the Crime Stoppers 5K in December.  I am gradually building back my mileage but am way out of shape.  Today I will enjoy the company of running with others and celebrating the new year.  My 11th New Years Day race.

Cold but dry in Steilacoom.  About 30 degrees with the fog clearing to sun.  I wear a jacket, hat, gloves and tights.  No hurry today, I might as well stay warm.  Fun to see old friends.  Half mile walk and jog to warm up.

Start - Way in the back.  Meet Maniac Nancy.  Start nice and easy and gradually build up a comfortable pace.

Mile 1 - 8:41 - Faster than I had planned.

Mile 2 - Going just a little faster, but it is not easy.  This pace is way slower than I should be able to run comfortably, but I really am out of shape.  I am huffing and puffing and working harder than I should be.  I can feel just a little bit of something in my foot.  Barb from Elma just ahead of me.

Mile 2.5 - Get just behind Barb and encourage her to run faster.  She is running steady and I am working hard to keep up.  Just on the edge of it being unpleasant.  She remains a step ahead of me all the way around the track and we finish together.  Five mile race winner blows past me.

Mile 3.1 - Mile 3.22 on the GPS.  Negative split time by a few seconds and I am happy about that.  This pace should have been easier, but hopefully today's workout is a step in the right direction.

78th place of 165