Saturday, October 25, 2003

10/25/03 Ghostmuster 5K

It is so good to be able to run without plantar pain and fun to race again. I don't care that I am slower than I used to be. Last year I enjoyed this fun little race and am happy to be back.
Start - Windy and very cold
Mile 2 - Running well. This time I know that the course will take us back near the finish before going out a small loop.
Mile 3.1 - Ten seconds faster than last year and almost a minute faster than last week (albeit an easier course)

Saturday, October 18, 2003

10/18/03 Glove Run 5K

It has been three years since I have run this small race. 10K and 5K offering. I ran the 5K last time I was here so I'll do it again. I like getting running gloves and loaves of bread instead of a t-shirt and bottle of water. It is cool with some wind.
Start - Up that steep hill. There is a small girl in front of me and I decide to stay behind her as a way to pace myself a little. I can pass her later.
Mile 2 - Well that 12 year old girl (I found out later) never let me catch her. She just pulled away, or maybe I am slowing.
Mile 3.1 - Enjoyed the run today. Earned a 4th place in my age group ribbon. That is because most of the fast guys ran the 10K
33rd place of 104