Sunday, March 7, 2004

3/7/04 Odd Distance Runs 8 Miles

Bob Green race at Millersylvania. Here is an idea: offer race distances that no one else does. At least you get a PR. Low turn out though, really who wants to race a non standard distance? It is windy and warm.
Start - Small group of runners gather at the start. We are going to start all the races at the same time. 4 miles, 8 miles, 11 miles. I am curious to know who else will be running the 8 mile race. I ask around and it seems like ony one other guy will be doing the 8 miles. I hope he is slow.
Mile 1 - 6:40, ouch that is way too fast. I will pay for it later.
Mile 3 - A couple of guys are ahead of me now, but I think they are doing the longer race. Others who were ahead of me turned around for the shorter race. The guy who is also doing my distance is right behind me.
Mile 3.8 - Yes I see the turn around and the guys ahead of me are in fact going longer. I am in first place!! But I know I will slow and this guy is right on my heels and sounding very comfortable. There is no way that I am going to beat him.
Mile 3.99 - Right behind me I hear "I think I'll do the 11 mile race". I hit the turn around and my competitor keeps right on going thanks to his last minute descision to change races. Not a problem, Bob Green won't mind. Wait a sec, I am in first place!!
Mile 4.1 - Nobody behind me, maybe a couple of other 11 milers still coming at me, but they do not turn around at mile 4, so I am all alone.
Mile 5 - I knew it would get tough here. Without any competition there is little incentive to push it. I wish there was someone back there, but not too close. I am slowing and enjoying the fact that I can say I won the race.
Mile 8 - Cruise on in to my second ever victory. Receive an overall winner trophy. Thank the guy who decided to run longer. Who does that? Start a race at one distance and then opt to go longer.
1:05:04 "PR"
1st place of 1 finisher