Sunday, February 25, 2001

2/25/01 Millersylvania 5K

Ran here a month ago and know the out and back course. Plantar hurts. Small crowd as usual and with so many distances starting at the same time, I won't know how I am doing place wise until the turn around.

Finish - PR by two seconds. Happy about that. Otherwise uneventful but fun. I do like racing.

20:52 (6:44 pace per mile) PR 1st in age group
6th place of 20 finishers

Saturday, February 10, 2001

2/10/2001 St Martins Homecoming 5K

Raced a 5K two weeks ago but I am ready to race again. Small group of runners on this funny course around the campus. Nice that is is close to home. I am wearing my new racing flats.
Start - Some real speedsters here and a good mix of us regular folks. We will make a big circle on paved roads with a nice hill at mile 1. Then it is on a little dirt trail to the dirt track that is in horrible condition. Back through the parking lots to the start. Repeat the loop, but skip the track part on the second go around.
Finish - Don't think the racing shoes helped my time any. Course seems long, at least in my mind. Hobbling from plantar pain the next couple of days.
21:55 3rd place in age group ribbon
31 of 60