Saturday, October 30, 2004

10/30/04 Tenino Ghostmuster 5K

Jared with me for the one miler. Billy and Tammy running too. Heavy windswept rain.
Mile 1 - started too fast, I can feel it.
Mile 2- there is Mark Anderson up ahead, I wonder if I can catch him
Mile 3 - I just passed Mark and we are battling it out, back and forth. I pass him at mile 3.1 and then hear him say "oh maybe not" and he surges forward getting in a fraction of a second ahead of me.
Finish - What a great battle. I love having a new arch enemy to fight. Run a faster time when competing hard trying to beat someone. Now dry off and hope to win a raffle
22:16 24th of 117 runners
72nd race

Saturday, October 16, 2004

10/16/04 Roman Meal Glove Run 5K

Rain and wind. Soggy conditions.
Mile 2 - No mile markers today. No idea what my pace is, but I think I am running steady.
Mile 3.1 - Good finish, fine with my time considering the conditions. Go dry off.
1st in age group ribbon
22nd of 88

Saturday, October 2, 2004

10/2/04 Oysterfest 8K

I should not be running today. I have a severe head cold. But I want to do this race, so I make the drive to Shelton and decide to at least warm up a little and register if I feel OK. I just have congestion, no fever, and running helps that so I sign up. The 8K distance bugs me a little. Why not just do a 5 mile race? 8K is something like 4.98 miles, but it is considered a different race distance. It is cold and sunny but should warm up a little as we run.
Mile 2 - I have been holding back, really worried about my strength but I think I will be OK today. Nice loop around a lake
Mile 4.98 - Strong finish on the school track. There were only mile markers at 2 and 4 so it was a little hard to guage pace. Pleased with my time. Very nice artwork on the T-shirt. I win a pair of socks at the raffle and it is funny because I have just taken off my shoes and socks to rest my feet when they call my name. They felt very good about giving a needy runner a pair of socks.
37:04 PR in my second 8K race
27 of 97

Sunday, September 12, 2004

9/12/04 Bank to Bay 10K

Back to downtown Tacoma for this popular 10K. Weather is fair, should be a nice run.
Start - Somehow I have found myself squeezed in near the middle of the pack. Car should not be parked here. We should be doing chip timing as it is a slow go to get to the start line.
Mile 0.5 - Finally some breathing room....and a nice downhill
Mile 4 - Having trouble getting into higher gear, just not running as fast as I should be able to.
Mile 6.2 - Always fun to cross the finish line. Not my best effort, but it will do.

187 of 728

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

8/28/04 Rainier Round Up 5K

First time out to Rainier for this Thurston County Parks and Recreation race. Very small turn out, but I have Jody, Tammy and Jared (1 miler) with me. Foggy and very cold for August. It is that damp cold that chills you so, but will be great for running.
Mile 1 - Going out fast, will be interesting to see if I can hold it. Nice flat out and back course.
Mile 2 - Hey I am up near the lead, though I will never catch them. Starting to fall apart.
Mile 3.1 - Nice little race. I will do this one again

22:38 1st in age group ribbon
4th place of 33

Saturday, July 17, 2004

7/17/04 Lakefair 8K

Around the lake, up the hill to Tumwater and down Capitol Way. Jody, Billy and Tammy along for the fun. I am very confident that I can run faster than last year. It is so good to be getting back into shape. Sunny and a little warm.

Mile 1 - Too fast as usual, but running with a nice pack.
Mile 2 - Struggling up the steep hill, but I have done this many times. Now I hear a clicking sound under my right foot. I must have a pebble stuck in my shoe tread. I try to kick it out but it does not budge. Well I can live with the sound and I'll just keep running.
Mile 4 - Darn rock is still there, except maybe it is not a stone. I can feel a tiny pinprick on my big toe. I have picked up a nail or tack or something and it just won't come loose, but it is not worth stopping for. Having a fun time here.
Mile 4.98 - Good strong finish. I pull the sharpened tip of a screw out of my shoe. Take off my shoe and find a small blood stain on my sock. Really the tiniest of injuries, but Jody says I have to see the doctor about a tetanus shot. Doctor agrees and I go in for the shot. The screw made this race more memorable, but it was also a well run effort and did show my improvement over the last year.
38:02 PR
130 of 400 runners

Sunday, July 4, 2004

7/4/04 Steilacoom 4 on the 4th

This is becoming a tradition. Surprised to see Wayne Bridges here. His son Seth is quite the runner and Wayne has started running too. Pretty nice weather although it will be warm on the way back. Feeling patriotic today.
Mile 0.5 - 3 minutes and change. Going plenty fast enough. Wayne is about 25 feet in front of me. Amtrak train is coming towards us and blows its horn. View of train, Puget Sound, and tons of runners. Good to be an American
Mile 1 - Wayne is ahead of me but in sight.
Mile 2 - Turn around. Wayne is same distance away
Mile 3 - Now it is getting hard. All of a sudden I see that Wayne is walking!! I cruise past him and head up the hill to the finish.
Mile 4 - Fun time today. Wayne says that he walked a little so that he could look good at the finish. He would superimprove in the next year and has beaten me many times since then.
70 of 187

Sunday, May 16, 2004

5/16/04 Capital City Half Marathon

It has been four years since I race raced anything farther than 12K. I have finally gotten my mileage up and I have gotten some medium long runs in. I know that I will not be very speedy today but I do enjoy the whole race atmosphere and Cap City is such a quality event. I hope to run 8 minute miles. Cloudy and cool.
Start - Joan Benoit Samuelson is here also running the half. Maybe I can beat her :)
Mile 5 - Plugging along but not going to make my time goal. Already getting hard to hold pace.
Mile 11 - Actually I have been doing well, but all of a sudden it is getting very tough.
Mile 12.5 - Knee pain on the downhill. Very painfull and hard finish.
Mile 13.1 - Glad that one is over. Nice to do the half, but if I can get back in shape I think I'd like to run the full again next year.
244th of 888

Saturday, May 1, 2004

5/1/04 Public Agency Challenge 10K

New race for me. I love the state capitol start and finish. Race is put on by the YMCA but is geared toward workers in the various state agencies. There is competition between those groups, but the race is open to the public and many of the regulars are here. Nice morning with bright sunshine.
Mile 3 - keeping a good pace and feeling strong in the legs. Sun is so bright however I wish I had sunglasses. Also it is getting hot out here.
Mile 6.2 - Strong finish. Very pleased with time. Quality race I will plan to run again.
43rd of 147

Saturday, April 10, 2004

4/10/04 10K

Bob Green race at Millersylvania State Park. Why run on the beautiful wide trails when we have 50MPH asphalt roads with no shoulder? Jody will run the 5K. Warm and sunny.
Mile 2 - Went out too fast.
Mile 4 - Unable to hold pace. I am floundering. And hot.
Mile 6.2 - Not my best effort but I had a fun time. I should have been able to pace better. At least no one got hit by a car.
10th place of 37

Sunday, March 7, 2004

3/7/04 Odd Distance Runs 8 Miles

Bob Green race at Millersylvania. Here is an idea: offer race distances that no one else does. At least you get a PR. Low turn out though, really who wants to race a non standard distance? It is windy and warm.
Start - Small group of runners gather at the start. We are going to start all the races at the same time. 4 miles, 8 miles, 11 miles. I am curious to know who else will be running the 8 mile race. I ask around and it seems like ony one other guy will be doing the 8 miles. I hope he is slow.
Mile 1 - 6:40, ouch that is way too fast. I will pay for it later.
Mile 3 - A couple of guys are ahead of me now, but I think they are doing the longer race. Others who were ahead of me turned around for the shorter race. The guy who is also doing my distance is right behind me.
Mile 3.8 - Yes I see the turn around and the guys ahead of me are in fact going longer. I am in first place!! But I know I will slow and this guy is right on my heels and sounding very comfortable. There is no way that I am going to beat him.
Mile 3.99 - Right behind me I hear "I think I'll do the 11 mile race". I hit the turn around and my competitor keeps right on going thanks to his last minute descision to change races. Not a problem, Bob Green won't mind. Wait a sec, I am in first place!!
Mile 4.1 - Nobody behind me, maybe a couple of other 11 milers still coming at me, but they do not turn around at mile 4, so I am all alone.
Mile 5 - I knew it would get tough here. Without any competition there is little incentive to push it. I wish there was someone back there, but not too close. I am slowing and enjoying the fact that I can say I won the race.
Mile 8 - Cruise on in to my second ever victory. Receive an overall winner trophy. Thank the guy who decided to run longer. Who does that? Start a race at one distance and then opt to go longer.
1:05:04 "PR"
1st place of 1 finisher

Saturday, February 21, 2004

2/21/04 Resolution Run 15K

Drove up with Raymond for this one, such nice company. See Bree before the start. I tell them that I will absolutely run a PR today. Then I tell the truth, that I have never raced 15K before. Cloudy and cool.
Mile 1 - Nice easy 8:30 and now I am ready to go a little faster
Mile 4 - There is Bree on her way back. She encourages me. Its cool to know someone who is that fast.
Mile 8 - Struggling to keep pace, floundering a bit, but done good on the hills
Finish - Round the track and very pleased to get in under 1:15
1:14:15 (7:59 per mile pace)
65th place of 160

Saturday, February 14, 2004

2/14/04 Friendship Run 5K

First time race in west Olympia, to benefit a pre-school. Tammy's first race!! Jody running the 5K and Caleb running the one mile race. Cool.
Start - Can we get started please? It is really cold outside. Organizers are doing what they can but it is obviously a first time event. Nice little crowd and we are patient. Eventually we are sent off.
Mile 1 - I like the course. We are on a nice paved trail with some curves. Cut the corners as best I can
Mile 2 - Heading back now on a road parallel to the trail. Flattish nice course, but I am not going as fast as I would like.
Mile 3.1 - Turn the corner and sprint of a little hill to the finish. Not my best time, but it was fun. Cheer on Tammy, then Jody. Caleb won the one mile race. Wait aroung forever for results and raffles. Good post race food. Tammy has a smooth stride and has the makings of a good runner, so fun to have her join us.
12th of 53 3rd place in age group (won a water bottle)

Saturday, January 31, 2004

1/31/04 Resolution Run 10K

January will end with 58.5 miles run. That is really low, but I will have increased in each of the last 4 months. So I have a few more miles in the bank and I am feeling more like a runner. Back to Steilacoom for the 10K race.
Start - Wait until the last possible moment inside the school with most of the runners. It is cold rain today. Finally move outside with the masses just in time for the start.
Finish - Very pleased with run. Had a fun time and I am getting faster again. I would like to never lose that much fitness again, it does take time to get it back
68 of 195

Thursday, January 1, 2004

1/1/04 Steilacoom Resolution Run 5 miler

It has been four years since my last January 1st race. Most of the world is still tucked in bed after a late night of celebration. I will be happy with anything under 40 minutes today.
Start - It is really cold out. Race director warns us that there are icy spots on the road and to be careful.
Mile 1.8 - Icy spot. Have to really slow and gingerly walk across it.
Mile 4 - Running well and steady
Mile 5 - Made my goal time and happy for that. Just good to ring in the new year with a run.
77th place of 146