Saturday, October 30, 2004

10/30/04 Tenino Ghostmuster 5K

Jared with me for the one miler. Billy and Tammy running too. Heavy windswept rain.
Mile 1 - started too fast, I can feel it.
Mile 2- there is Mark Anderson up ahead, I wonder if I can catch him
Mile 3 - I just passed Mark and we are battling it out, back and forth. I pass him at mile 3.1 and then hear him say "oh maybe not" and he surges forward getting in a fraction of a second ahead of me.
Finish - What a great battle. I love having a new arch enemy to fight. Run a faster time when competing hard trying to beat someone. Now dry off and hope to win a raffle
22:16 24th of 117 runners
72nd race

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