Sunday, July 24, 2005

7/24/05 Gateway to the Pacific half marathon

My first Bob Green race at the Summer location, Vance Creek Park in Elma. Same low key approach, similar country roads with 50MPH speed limits and little shoulder. It has been over a year since my last 1/2 marathon and I belive that a PR is in store. Don't see anyone that I know. Cool now but threatening to warm up.
Mile 4 - Fall in with a woman from Portland. We talk about the Portland Marathon. She tells me about the big hill on that course and how her goal is to not walk up it. She says that with my 1/2 pace, I should have no trouble running a 3:45 there. She does not have the body of a runner and really does not look fast, but by mile 9 starts pulling away.
Mile 10 - I am starting to slow. I am still on PR pace but getting hot. Only fans are a few cows.
Mile 13.1 - Not a strong finish, but always nice to PR. I took just under a minute off my time from 1996. PR after 9 years!!
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Friday, July 15, 2005

7/16/05 Lakefair 8K

Family affair this year with Jody and Jared running. Also great to have Billy and Tammy here. Goal is to hold a 7 minute mile as long as possible. Popular local race with many familiar faces. Nice weather
Mile 2 - Not able to hold a seven pace. Not sure what is wrong, but today is not going so well.
Mile 4 - Struggling but still moving along. Looks like a PR is in the bank, that is nice.
Finish - Nice sprint at the end and overall an OK race. Jog back to cheer on the others.
36:15 PR
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Monday, July 4, 2005

7/4/05 Steilacoom 4 miler

My 5th Four on the 4th. Getting to be a tradition. First time with this GPS watch. I want to run 7 minute miles, so I set the "virtual buddy" to do just that. If I go out too fast, I will know how far ahead of him I am, too slow and I will know his lead. Goal is to run with him, but with the huge hill that does not seem likely. Warm and sunny
Start - Nice to see Wayne and Seth. Also that kid, James Jasperson. He is 9 years old, but pretty evenly matched to me.
Mile 1 - Awful fast on the downhill, far ahead of buddy.
Mile 2.2 - James is passing me. I put up a small surge and get ahead of him again.
Mile 3 - Buddy is catching up. It is warm and I am feeling discouraged. Really tough to hold the pace and I know that the big uphill looms.
Mile 3.5 - Really working hard, this is going to be close.
Mile 4 - Crest the hill and sprint through the shoot. Hannah Herzog is screaming her head off for me. I made it!! No PR, but so glad to dip under 28 minutes. Billy finished 7 minutes behind me. Wayne beat me solidly, most improved runner by far, he took 5 minutes off last year's time.
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