Sunday, October 5, 1997

10/5/97 Twin Cities Marathon

Much planning went into this race. Used my frequent flier miles. Convinced my employer to let me visit a collaborator, which paid for the rental car and hotel. Great to visit with Elise and have Ruth running with me. Nice Au Sable reunion weekend.
Race starts at the Metrodome. Looking for a restroom I find that a door to the main stadium is open. I don't think I am supposed to be in here, it is all dark, but nice to get a look at the "field". Back outside we look for markers with time goals and try to line up around the 4 hour mark. By far the largest race I have done, with over 7,000 participants this is a real spectacle. Nice day with temperatures very comfortable. I think it is going to warm up significantly.
Start - Off we go. Takes a couple minutes to get to the start line, with a little jogging, then a traffic jam of people makes us walk.
Mile 1 - Under a bridge and many are hooting and hollering, creating echos and releasing precious stored energy. Ruth and I are a little frustrated with all the crowd so close together and many going very slowly. It takes energy to pass around them and also stay together.
Mile 2 - Ruth has to take a bathroom break. I wait patiently for her. It is quick and we get running again.
Mile 4- Ruth has to stop again!! This time I am a little frustrated but hopefully do not let it show. I wait again and soon we are off.
Mile10 - Nice course, great crowd support. Someone likes my Ben and Jerrys T-shirt.
Mile 16 - Either Ruth is getting faster or I am slowing down. Without a word she moves ahead and I can not keep up. We never really talked about staying together and had no plan to do so. Maybe I assumed that we would. O well, on my own now.
Mile 20 - The walking breaks start. It is very warm now and I and fading fast. Definite lack of energy.
Mile 22- Elise shouting for me, what a treat. She is a great cheerleader and raises my spirits.
Mile 25.5 - Nice downhill to the finish at the state capitol.
Mile 26.2 - Glad to be done. I knew that I was not properly trained and my finish time is what I deserved today.
4:24:30 (10:01/mile)
3210 of 7,100 runners
2nd marathon