Sunday, May 21, 2006

5/21/06 Capital City Marathon

New course for 2006. Many will complain that it is too hilly, but I rather prefer it. Much more scenic and the hills though constant are not that steep. I have been doing long runs on parts of the course since the new route was announced in December. Goal = maintain an 8:46 pace and PR. Weather = cool but threatening to warm up.

Mile 1 - Race nerves I had been experiencing all week are now gone as I am running relaxed and having fun.

Mile 4 - Say hi to John Flemm and talk neighborhood stuff for about two miles. He is running his 60th marathon and plans this to be his last.

Mile 11 - Slap a high five with volunteer Dan Cole.

Mile 14 - Back to sea level at Woodard Bay. All uphill from here. Bad place for a water stop on this hill, hard to get back to running.

Mile 20 - Starting to tire but still on pace. My GPS watch however has me at 0.2 miles farther than the mile markers. Trusting the watch has put me two minutes behind schedule.

Mile 22 - Here is the dreaded long steep "Eastside" hill. This is not good. Race volunteer tells me to keep my head up. Hadn't noticed how my head was bobbing. A few fans looking on. I struggle up the hill and start staggering a bit. Really not good or a healthy way to be. I make the decision to not risk tumbling or passing out and start walking some. I am in a very bad way, but keep moving ever upward.

Mile 23.5 - The ground is leveling off, but the running is not much easier.

Mile 24 - Speed bump in the road is like a hill to climb

Mile 25 - Cross onto Capitol Way and get ready to head for the downhill finish. Billy runs the last leg with me.

Mile 26.2 - PR by a minute and a half. Seven minutes faster than last year and that on a much hillier course. Some regrets about how the last couple of miles went, but overall a good effort.

3:54:33 PR
182 of 455
Marathon #8

Saturday, May 6, 2006

5/6/06 Public Agency 2 miler

Caleb has been running some track with the Barron Park Striders and decides to join me in the 2 mile race. This could be a close one as he has some quick legs these days. Cool with some wind.

Start - Super fast and strong up the hill. Caleb is right behind me. I sprint to shake him but it does not work.

Mile 1 - Only a few runners ahead of me here at the turn around. Caleb has obviously been instructed by Mom to stay directly behind me. Still running strong.

Mile 2 - Downhill to the finish. Caleb puts his kick on an and beats me by one second!! Smart race by him and I really am proud of him. I am also very pleased with my PR and fast time.

6 of 53, 1st in age group