Saturday, May 6, 2006

5/6/06 Public Agency 2 miler

Caleb has been running some track with the Barron Park Striders and decides to join me in the 2 mile race. This could be a close one as he has some quick legs these days. Cool with some wind.

Start - Super fast and strong up the hill. Caleb is right behind me. I sprint to shake him but it does not work.

Mile 1 - Only a few runners ahead of me here at the turn around. Caleb has obviously been instructed by Mom to stay directly behind me. Still running strong.

Mile 2 - Downhill to the finish. Caleb puts his kick on an and beats me by one second!! Smart race by him and I really am proud of him. I am also very pleased with my PR and fast time.

6 of 53, 1st in age group

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