Monday, July 27, 1998

7/27/98 Ipswich "Marathon" 5K

Last year I pushed Jared in the baby jogger. This year it is just me, hoping to run fast. Hot.

Beat last year's time by over a minute but it was a struggle. Nice to win an age group ribbon. Always fun to race in ones hometown.

21:20 (6:52 pace)
16th of 67 runners

Saturday, July 11, 1998

7/11/98 Asbury Grove 10K Hamilton

Jody and I check out this little race. Pancake breakfast to be held afterward. Hot for so early in the day.

Start - Hey there is the guy who I beat a few weeks ago at the Melody Miles race. I should take the same strategy and follow him for a while, then make my move.

Mile 2 - Ru Roh. I can not keep up with him. I think I am running well, but this guy has gotten faster.

Mile 4- Not a chance of coming close to that guy. O well, just hang on for the finish.

9th of 24