Saturday, October 2, 2004

10/2/04 Oysterfest 8K

I should not be running today. I have a severe head cold. But I want to do this race, so I make the drive to Shelton and decide to at least warm up a little and register if I feel OK. I just have congestion, no fever, and running helps that so I sign up. The 8K distance bugs me a little. Why not just do a 5 mile race? 8K is something like 4.98 miles, but it is considered a different race distance. It is cold and sunny but should warm up a little as we run.
Mile 2 - I have been holding back, really worried about my strength but I think I will be OK today. Nice loop around a lake
Mile 4.98 - Strong finish on the school track. There were only mile markers at 2 and 4 so it was a little hard to guage pace. Pleased with my time. Very nice artwork on the T-shirt. I win a pair of socks at the raffle and it is funny because I have just taken off my shoes and socks to rest my feet when they call my name. They felt very good about giving a needy runner a pair of socks.
37:04 PR in my second 8K race
27 of 97

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