Saturday, January 5, 2013

1/5/13 White Elephant 5 miler

Race around Capitol Lake.  $10 day of race entry, plus a gift exchange.  This will be the farthest that I have run without walk breaks in a long time.  I am still having minor foot issues and really do not want any set backs.  I am afraid that I will push too hard in the race.  So I am happy when I invite Jared to come and he accepts.  He plans to run his first half marathon in May and only a few days ago ran his farthest of 4 miles.  He would like to run the 5 miles today in 50 minutes and that sounds like a great plan.  40 degrees and gray.  Nice to see all the familiar faces. No warm up running.

Start - We start near the back and go a little faster than planned on the long downhill.

Mile 2 - Holding a steady pace.  There is Jody to take our picture.  There really are lots of people behind us.  Looking back we see a huge gap.  We decide that we are the "slowest of the fast".

Mile 2.5 - We slow down a little on purpose, as the big uphill is coming.  Hey my foot is feeling fine.

Mile 3 - Up up up and Jared is doing great.  We should make our goal time no problem.  I keep monitoring Jared's effort and push him on, but it is not too hard.  We pass a couple of people, including Scott who I have been tracking most of the way.

Mile 4 - Flat last mile.

Mile 4.5 - Jared can sense the finish and starts going much faster.  I can keep up and I stay right with him.

Finish - 5.06 on the GPS.  The gift exchange is a bit of a bust as I get 5 energy gels, replacing the energy gels that I gifted away.  Really happy about my foot and a fun morning with Jared.

68th of 118

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