Saturday, March 1, 2008

3\1\08 Run for Luck 10K

Flat and fast on the Chehalis Western Trail. Thurston County Parks and Recreation puts on a quality race. Another green t-shirt. Jody ran the 5K. Cool and dry with some breeze

Start - Good to see Bob Martin. Plan to stay behind him. A couple of other very fast runners.

Mile 1 - Out of the crowd and all alone again. Sub 7 pace will not hold.

Mile 3 - The two leaders are not that far in front of me. They also do not seem to be running very fast. Later I learned that they overshot the turn around and ran considerable farther that they were supposed to. They gave up on racing and just ran in together at a comfortable pace.

Mile 3.1 -No trouble for me seeing the turnaround with aid station and volunteer. At a 7:15 pace and feeling pretty good.

Mile 4.5 - Pass one of the fast guys who is walking. I think it is Andy Piercy. I ask if he is OK and he says that he pulled his hamstring. I told him to walk it in and not make it worse.

Mile 5.5 - No one ahead of me, or behind me. Jody and Jared are out to cheer and push me on. I like that last quarter mile to the finish.

Mile 6.2 - Bob Martin comes to congratulate me but I push him away thinking that I just might vomit. I recover pretty quickly and am pleased with the results. Ten seconds faster than last year.


8th place overall out of 50

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