Saturday, February 23, 2008

2\23\08 Resolution Run 15 miles

Looking forward to a fast time and no disasterous dizzy spells. Bright sunshine and cold. Billy ran the 15K. Got to talk with Ashley a little bit. Since I beat her in the 5 mile and was ahead of her in the 10 mile, but she beats me in marathons, I was hoping for a close race with me in front. Also expecting to beat 2 hours and PR.

Start - first mile with Billy, comfortable 7:45 pace

Mile 3 - been running with Ashley. I feel a little tired in the legs on a minor uphill, but keep up the pace

Mile 4 - Ashley pulls ahead but I stay relatively close

Mile 6 - Fatigue sets in. This is not good. My legs are just plain tired. I did run a marathon two weeks ago and I realize that I am not fully recovered.

Mile 7.5 - Joke with the volunteer at the turnaround about whether this is the finish line.

Mile 8 - Mike tells me to catch Ashley - not going to happen today

Mile 10 - Start slowing, now averaging 8/mile. Ashley pulling away and I start suffering.

Mile 11-14 - This has got to be great training for running on tired legs. Keep running while suffering, this will make me stronger for future races. Still, no fun being passed by quite a few runners.

Mile 15 - Around the track and to the finish. Not a disaster but not what I was hoping for. I think I did the best I could given the level of fatigue. Billy ran great and I congratulated Ashley. Waited a long time for Nikkie and Holly to finish.


81st of 115 (tough competition in Steilacoom!!)

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