Sunday, May 15, 2005

5/15/05 Capital City Marathon

Goal = beat 4 hours. I've had the best training yet and 4 hours should be within reach. Besides, I have a secret weapon, Raymond Miles will meet me at mile 16 and pace me to the end. Dumping heavy rain just before the start, but with just a few minutes before the start, the rain stops.

Start - Got my rain jacket with me just in case.
Mile 2 - It has been a nice run around Capitol Lake. Now up the hill and I am at the Fall's Terrace Resturant. I discard my jacket into some bushes, hoping it will still be there after the race.
Mile 7 - There is Hannah with a fresh bottle of gatorade. I have my fuel belt with me, for some reason I do not trust the water stops to provide me with enough fluids. I have already downed one gatorade and I start in on the second.
Mile 13 - There is Lori with my third gatorade. I am drinking plenty of fluids and feeling good.
Mile 16 - Raymond looks funny to me. He is standing there reading the Sunday paper in his running gear while everyone is passing by. I yell to him and he joins me. I inform him that I have about 4 minutes in the bank, so we are really on a good pace.
Mile 18 - Fun running with Raymond. He is chatty and thanking the spectators. More than one person comments on how fresh he looks. Strong headwind on one problem.....just have Raymond block it for me.
Mile 20 - Feeling sick to my stomach. All that gatorade is just sloshing around in there.
Mile 21 - Starting to slow.
Mile 23 - Really hard time now. Feel sick. I want to walk, but Raymond say's "walk? THERE IS NO WALKING!!". I comply and keep shuffling along. He is looking at his watch with some concern. Not much either of us can do at this point. I want to vomit.
Mile 26.2 - I should be happy and I am, I took 5 minutes off of my previous best time, but I just could not beat the 4 hour challenge.

4:03:21 PR
234 of 485

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