Wednesday, July 4, 2001

7/4/01 Steilacoom 4 on the 4th

Had a fun time here last year and was happy to come back. Cheap no frills race with good size crowd. Nice downhill start, then killer uphill finish. My goal is to beat last years time.
Start - Announcement from the race director - "Due to the earthquake in February the bridge at the turn around is still closed. This will be a 3.9 mile race." Darn it. That is not right. Can't they start farther back here? No the street is lined with vendors for the fair. Suddenly this seems like a waste of time. I'll never run another 3.9 mile race, so what is the point of doing this one? Ok lets lose the crappy attitude and get moving, we are racing.
Mile 1.95 - Turn around. I can see the real one on the other side of the bridge, not very far away. O well keep moving and get ready to charge up that hill
Mile 3.9 - Whew, that ending is killer, really takes it out of you. I managed to beat last year's time by 16 seconds. Probably would not have PRed but who knows. Good to get out and run on this great day.

93rd of 250

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