Sunday, October 1, 2006

10/1/06 Portland Marathon

Second time at Portland. Been training long and hard for this day. Stay with the folks and get out the door nice and early in time to find a good parking spot. Still dark, but promise of sun and slight breeze.

Start - Sit on the curb resting until just before the start, make small talk with those around me. Position myself in front of the 4:00 pace group. Smooth start, for 7,500 people, absolutely love those drums.

Mile 5 - Feel great, everything is smooth. Holding an 8:30 pace that neither feels too slow or fast.

Mile 7 - Boring industrial area. Watch for railroad tracks. Watch the fast runners back from the turn around.

Mile 9 - Turn around and watch the slower runners. Blinding sun here and for the next two miles. Getting warm, I start pouring water on my head.

Mile 13 - There is my brother Steve, snapping pictures. Feeling really good and holding the 8:30 pace

Mile 16 - No problem getting up the hill and passing some walkers. I am sure this hill is taking its toll on me, but its not so bad. On to the bridge.

Mile 18 - I remember getting tired here last year. I am doing much better than last year.

Mile 20 - Bring on the stomache ache as usual. I am at 8:38 pace, faster than last year, but I need to take some short walking breaks. It sure is nice to know that it is mostly downhill from here.

Mile 23 - More short walking breaks. My head is swimming a little and a volunteer asks if I am OK. That sort of deflated me more. I'd rather hear the lie "looking good" than see someone seriously concerned about me.

Mile 24 - Brother Steve takes another photo. Wow I bet I will not look as good in this one.

Mile 24.5 - Offered and accepted a small cup of beer. Drank the whole thing, it was actually pretty good.

Mile 25 - Here comes the 3:50 pacer with a small band of followers. One says that we have 12 seconds in the bank. This is great and I stay with them over the steel bridge.

Mile 25.2 - Water stop. I can not help but walk and pour water on my head. 3:50 group sails on by.

Mile 26.2 - PR by 3 minutes and 5 minutes off last year's time. Pleased with the effort and results. Four glasses of orange juice at the finish really hit the spot. I definitely plan to run this one again.

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