Saturday, February 25, 2006

2/25/06 Steilacoom 15 miles

Back again for another Resolution Run. Billy running the 15K. Cool, but no wind and dry.

Start - Had a short warm up, but the legs do not feel quite right.

Mile 1 - Significant discomfort in legs/shins mostly. Need to loosen up or it is going to be a bad morning.

Mile 4 - It took about the first three miles to feel comfortable, but now I am running smoothly.

Mile 7.5 - Turn around. On a 7:54 pace and feeling fine.

Mile 12 - It was a good 12 miles, starting to tire now, but not that much farther to go. Still have a chance at beating 2 hours.

Mile 15 - On the track, sprinting for the finish line. I can see the clock and the two hour mark just slipping away. Still an enjoyable run.

69 of 110 9 of 9 in age group!!

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