Saturday, February 4, 2006

2/4/06 St Martins Homecoming 5K

Sometimes the weather just does not cooperate. When it is particularly viscious it is time to relax, do your best and blame your time result on the weather. Today it is absolutely dumping rain with strong gusty winds. Good thing it is only a 5K and there is indoor space to wait for the start and dry off after.
Start - Wait till the last minute and do a brief warm up, ending up soaked. We are all laughing about how our friends must be warm and cozy drinking their morning coffee in front of the fire.
Mile 1 - Just over 7 minute pace and thoroughly drenched.
Mile 3.1 - Course still seems long to me. Good thing we brought towels. Jody and I win some "couples" award including $50 cash and free entry for next year.

13 of 32 1st in age group ribbon

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