Saturday, March 25, 2006

3/25/06 Steilacoom 20 miler

Great prep run for a Spring Marathon. Goal = negative split. Very nice weather.

Start - Billy running the 20K. Hope he saves me some food at the end.

Mile 10 - Just under my goal pace of 9 minutes per mile. Joke with the race volunteer asking if this is the finish line. Turn around and pick up the pace to 8:30/mile.

Mile 15 - I really hate this boring course. Getting tougher but I am not slowing down.

Mile 20 - Always nice to hit the track at the end. Finished with an overall pace of 8:41/mile, very nice negative split. Great effort and results, but oh so tough group of runners in Steilacoom. Last in my age group of 9 runners.

50 of 63!!

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