Sunday, April 10, 2016

4/9/16 Sumner Run For Rhubarb - Daffodil 5K

Third 5K today.  Drive to Sumner was quick and I find the Middle School with easy parking no problem.  Warming up, the sun is out now.  Drink a lot of Gatorade and eat a bunch of fig newtons.  Have about an hour to wait.  Put on sandals and walk around the school grounds.  Chat with fellow runners.  Try to keep loose, but feeling it now.  Feeble attempts to run a little before race time.

Start - This will be on roads with lots of sunshine.  Off we go and it is not too bad.  With the usual suspects.  Loosen up and pick up the pace.  Lots of police support as we go through a residential area, to Main Street.

Mile 1 - 7:43 - good enough.  Warm for sure, I am not heat acclimated yet this year.  The course looks like a J.  Spectators along the parade route, but not too many are cheering us.  Out and back, then along the route again.  A little stomach trouble, drank too much fluids recently.

Mile 2 - Second mile in 7:51.  Second turn around.  Hard to get moving again after slowing at the U-turn.  Catch a fellow challenger and we tough out the next half mile together.  I feel like my place will be good here and I have not slowed too much.  And coming in to the finish I see that it will be a short course.

Finish - 2.87 on the GPS.  My finish time of 22:14 is great even with the short course.  Off to Orting

16th of 147
Race#386, 5K#101

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