Monday, April 4, 2016

4/2/16 Run Like a Fool 5K

4th time here.  Same ugly course around Capitol Lake.  Easy logistics.  Really nice shirt.  Sunny nice weather.  Lots of runners, but not so many familiar faces.  Decent warm up, hoping to beat last weeks 5K time.

Start - Behind Martinho, Christie and Tony and I will never get even with them.  That is OK.  Feeling pretty good.  Now I see a shadow of a court jester hat catching me.  He passes and he is in a full jester suit and he is juggling three balls.  He drops the balls twice that I see, but picks them up, starts juggling again and gets way ahead of me.

Lap 1- 11:57 by the time I look at my watch.  Try to go faster.  I can't get the turnover speed that I had last week.  Run as fast as I can sustain.  Not much else I can do.  Navigate around some dogs, a kid and a large walker on the narrow sidewalk by the dam.

No one close ahead of me to challenge me, but I glance at the watch and see that it will be very close to last weeks time.  Give it a strong effort, but alas I come up one second slower than last week.

Finish - 3.09 miles on the GPS.  Short cool down run, then raffles, but I do not win.  4th in my age group.  But fresh coffee and snacks and a nice morning overall.

24th place of 238
Race#383, 5K#98, RLaF#4

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