Sunday, April 10, 2016

4/9/16 Orting Daffodil Parade 5K

Get to Orting and find decent parking.  Lots of people around with the traffic negotiating the detours.  Now a long wait.  Almost two hours till race time.  It is hot and I smell.  I want to nap in the car but it is too warm.  I walk around town a little.  I am worried that I am dehydrated and I drink and eat but hopefully not so much to get sick while running.  4th 5K race in 4th town today.

This course will be a simple out and back on the paved Foothills Trail.  After a long wait, race time is getting close.  I shuffle a little and feel as stiff as I have all day.  Fun to see the same people again and we line up accordingly.

Start - It is a beautiful sunny day in Orting and lots of people are using the trail.  We will have to watch for bicyclists, dogs, and families walking together.  But it turns out to not be so bad.  About 70 degrees and it sure feels warm for running.

Mile 1 - 7:57 - There is a volunteer here shouting out the mile pace, which is nice.  No water on any of the courses, and just bottled water at the finish.  But organization including starting on time has been very good.  I feel slow and creaky but really my pace is not so bad.  Jemma and Jared are pulling well ahead though and will beat me in the challenge.  Cattle pasture with baby cattle, then an amazing view of Mount Rainier, followed by a run along the beautiful Carbon River.  By far the most scenic course of the day.

Mile 1.6 - Turn around.  Looks like a slightly long course.  Try to keep working hard.  Wonder if I can beat 25 minutes?

Mile 2 - an 8:07 mile - First time I have been over 8 today.  Try to push on and get it done.  No one with me or right in front to give me impetus to speed up.

Mile 3 - 7:52 mile - Passed a fellow challenger who is struggling and just keep on.  Now I can see the finish clock and it is going to be super close to beat 25 minutes.  That gives me the goal I need to finish strong.  Push really hard.

Finish - 3.15 on the GPS. 24:59 on the clock! There are the Daffodil Princesses from this morning.  One drapes a Challengers finish medal around my neck, one gives me a much needed bottle of water.

I would like to stick around, but foolishly I am meeting Jody in an hour in Auburn and we are driving an hour north from there to have dinner with her parents.  Towel off and change of clothes and nobody seems think that I smell.  Fun long day.

I would do the challenge again for sure.  Happy with my results and really everything went great.  Except for them losing the Puyallup race results.  So for the three races that were timed, I ended up 15th best of 116.  Age group 45-49 I was second place of seven.

For the Orting race:
19th of 149
Race#387, 5K#102

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