Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6-15-10 Inna Gadda Da Vida Challenge

My second time here at this very low key fundraiser for the Lakes High School cross country team. This is my third short race in the past four days and I really should be careful to not injure myself. I do not know if I have ever run so many seven minute miles in such a short period of time, but I am feeling good and this will be one more speed effort before scaling back in the coming days. It is cool and cloudy with some wind. Can't beat the $5 entrance fee with the no t-shirt option.
Start - about 20 people, half kids. We all start at the same line on the track. Music starts and I go off pretty quick. I have done a two mile warm up and am ready to move along. Three runners are ahead of me.
Verse 1 - The three ahead of me are kids, I am gradually reeling one in. We run side by side for a bit and I feel comfortable, so I ease ahead.
Verse 2 - Male runner blazes past me. He was holding back at the start but now is on a tear.
Drum Solo - I pick up the pace and get under a seven minute per mile average. Lapping some and I get lapped by one.
Organ Solo - Lapped by another runner. Holding my pace and feeling good. Fun to hear this great old music.
Final verse - Its coming to and end now. I won't beat the distance I achieved three years ago, but actually I am fairly close. Race hard to make it to the halfway point on the track just as the 17 minute song comes to an end.
Finish - 9.5 laps, 2.44 miles on the GPS. Quick awards ceremony, then raffle of goodies donated by the local running stores. I will a pair of Brooks socks that I will definitely use. Nice time tonight on the track.

9.5 laps
4th of about 20
race #199

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