Sunday, June 13, 2010

6-13-10 Evergreen Classic 5K

I was pleased with yesterday's 5K time. Today I would like to just have a decent run and I won't mind if I slow down some. My first time at this Evergreen State College Event which is something of a fundraiser for the library and the cross country team. In February I raced here and found the organizers to be overwhelmed with day of race registrations. There was a late start, the facilities were not the best and the course had a few marking issues. Today seems to be much better. The Library is open for restroom use and thanks to Club Oly Running there are volunteers at just about every turn. Even Jody and Jared are helping out, so it will be fun to see familiar faces along the way. The sun is out but it may be a little cooler than yesterday. Also this course should be mostly shaded. More of a running crowd than yesterday, a few of the seriously fast folk are here.
I go about my warm up and it takes a while to loosen up. Eventually I start to feel good. One of my favorite feeling in all of running are the strides before a 5K. After at least a mile warm up, I walk a bit then head off at a fast pace. I can feel the power and know that I am moving fast, then I back down to a walk. I try to get four or five of these in with the last one just a minute or two before the start. Everything feels great and I am relaxed and ready to run. Judy Fisher sighting just before we start.
Start - Blast off at top speed, but I positioned myself behind the front row as I know that John Riak and Ulrike and a few others are much faster. Down a little hill. Big group in front of me, hopefully I can pick some of them off. Tammy points the way through an intersection and into a parking lot. One loop around the lot, then criss cross the course near the start, now Tammy is pointing us down a hill into another parking lot. Ahead I see Jody and Jared to make sure we turn right at the end of this lot. Now there is a gradual uphill. I can feel it in my legs. Funny because I did my warm up here and I did not notice the hill at that time. Yesterday's course was so flat I sort of forgot about hills on 5Ks. Off onto a paved trail that winds through the woods.
Mile 1 - 6:53 - Slower than yesterday, but fast enough. Nice downhill and there is Sabrina to make sure I do not go the wrong way. Now on a long straight road. I'm about 20 feet behind an older guy and I surge to catch him. He steps up the pace and I close the gap to about 10 feet but no more. I try again and am repelled again. I am working hard but feel OK. Every time I feel relaxed I try to surge a little more, pick up the pace as best I can. Now an uphill. Focus on the stride and on moving the arms. Just can't get past that older man.
Mile 2 - Right turn coming up. We have crested the hill. I try one more acceleration and am able to blow past him, just before the turn. Hmm my pace is faster than yesterday. Feel good, though I am borderline anaerobic and may want to vomit if I go any faster. There is Bill pointing us up a little hill, then Tammy at the top and I know I am close to the finish
Mile 3 - Shannon at the intersection with Jody and Jared cheering and making me keep running fast. Some kid trying to pass me on the right so I surge as best I can and fight him off. Make the turn and kick it in to the finish.

Very pleased with today's run. Eight seconds faster than yesterday and on a tougher course. Having competition right in front of me is great motivation to run faster. Good event too. Now I plan to go fast one more time, this Tuesday evening. Then I will be able to watch Jody and Bill do a triathlon on Saturday and still have the Rock and Roll Seattle be my 200th race.

17th of 122
1st of 5 in age group
Race #198
5K #53

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