Saturday, June 12, 2010

6-12-10 Run For Rett 5K

New race that is designed to raise awareness for Rett Syndrome
The race is a 5K around Capitol Lake in Olympia. Many runners are at the big Sound To Narrows race in Tacoma, but I am opting for a smaller event today. This is a first time event that I want to support, and I am hoping that it will be well organized. Beautiful sunny day, its warming up but terrific for a 5K with sunglasses. As I warm up I see that the course is well marked. A decent crowd is here and many are not pre registered, but there are enough volunteers to handle it. Twenty minutes before the start time there is no line at the registration table. Lots of families including kids with Rett. In fact as I look around I do not see any familiar fast runners other than Ron Frederick, who is just getting back into shape after some injury. At his best he is always ahead of me, but today he may be a little behind. Could make for a good race. Just before the start I see Ulrike and Linda, then a couple of fast guys that I do not know well. I have done a two mile warm up and am ready to race.
Mile 1 - 6:49. Way too fast. I flew out the gate and pushed hard on the crushed rock trail. Navigated some turns, over the wood bridge, through a parking lot and now heading south on the sidewalk along the lake. A few runners are way ahead and I will never catch. One guy, in black, is just a little ahead but I can not gain on him.
Mile 1.55 - At the turn around I realize that I am in sixth place overall, with Linda and Ulrike ahead of me of course. Ron is just behind me, not far back at all. The guy in black is gradually getting farther ahead, he is out of range but I will keep an eye on him in case he falters.
Mile 2 - I am slowing, but the fear of Ron keeps me moving. I don't hear any footsteps behind me though.
Mile 2.6 - The course continues around the lake, not turning into the parking lot the way we came. I can see across the lake to the balloon arch finish and it sure looks like it is more than a half mile away. I feel OK, just hard to keep up the pace. I really want to have a look back to see is anyone is close. I know that is a sign of weakness and it really will not help me at all so I fight the urge to look back. A few quick turns and then I am on the crushed rock path with the end getting very close. A male runner who came in second place and was way ahead of me tells me to relax, now I know that no one is right on my tail, also I would have heard their footsteps on the path. I ease up just a bit, but then I am nearing the finish. There are my friends from Guerrilla Timing cheering for me to finish strong. I pick it up and sprint across the line. Ron finishes next, a mere ten seconds behind me. My GPS watch shows the course to be accurate in length.
As a cool down I do a loop around the lake and encourage others who are finishing up. There are bagels and water at the finish and a nice atmosphere on this beautiful day. It was well organized and yet another race that I hope to run again.
6th place of 141 runners and walkers

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Lauren said...

What a great summary of the race. I am glad you had a good time and will come again next year. I'll tell others about your is really cool!