Saturday, October 20, 2007

10/20/07 Halloween 10 miler

Back to Millersylvania State Park for the traditional "holiday" race by Bob Green. One of the few 10 milers around, most other runners doing a full marathon or half or 10K or 5K. Best chance for me to actually win a race is to pick a low turn out holiday distance and hope nobody fast shows up. That 10Mile PR has been sitting out there for ten years now and should be breakable, but I am still recovering from recent marathons. Heavy rain and wind.

Start - Saw the early marathoners leave and I feel a little guilty. I am a Marathon Maniac now, shouldn't I be runnning the full distance? I feel like I am missing out on something. Anyway we try to sort out who is running what race. Just a few of us on ten miles. One young guy says that he has never run that far but he looks rather fit.

Mile 1 - out of the park and on to the dangerous roads. The fit guy is well in front of me but he misses the first turn and has to come back, pulling him closer.

Mile 3 - After the 5K turnaround and the 10K turnaround I know that I am in 2nd place overall, not too far behind. I had been running with a youg kid who was doing great on the 10K, I encouraged him and he seemed to be pacing well.

Mile 4 - Rainy and wet. Shoes are soggy and heavy and slowing me down. Legs are not fresh and I am just not quite able to keep PR pace.

Mile 6-10 - Working hard and in good spirits but not an exceptional running day. Very glad that I am not running the full marathon in this weather. Just can not catch the top runner, not even close enough to make it interesting though he was in my sights the whole way. Good to get out and run, happy to have raced. I drive slowly home along the course and encourage the lonely marathoners. Rain has stopped but they look rather soggy. Van Phan is pushing along her 40 something marathon or ultra of the year.

2nd overall of 5 runners

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