Sunday, May 20, 2007

5/20/07 Capital City Marathon

Second year of this rolling course. Set a PR here last year. I have done enough training and expect a fast time. In the week before the race I keep thinking about how according to the running tables I should be able to run closer to a 3:30. Perhaps a new strategy where I actually go out quite a bit faster and with confidence will work. Sitting in the car as long as possible before the start. Passing shower, cold and wind.

Start - Find Billy at the last minute. Start off together. Also running with Angie who ran Tacoma last week (that is insane, you would have to be a Marathon Maniac to do that)

Mile 2- "OK Bill, I am going to make my move now. Do not try to stay with me." Kick it into higher gear and quickly start passing folks.

Mile 4 - Run with John Flemm for a little while. He is running his 50 something marathon.

Mile 6 - Run with Ron Fowler. Talk about my new strategy.

Mile 10 - Feeling great, no worries, love this course.

Mile 12 - Stop quickly to tie my shoe, but I have trouble unknotting one of them. Get a little frustrated, but laugh when someone passes me and asks if I need a lesson.
Mile 17 - Who built this wall here? Very quickly turning into a hard time.

Mile 20 - Big clock shows the time and I am ahead of PR pace but really suffering. Who's idea was it to go out so fast. I am being passed quite a bit now.

Mile 21 - Nice downhill.....

Mile 22 - Aweful uphill. I remember training runs where I drove here just to repeat this hill and practice it, imagining it was race day. Walking now, I am not going to let myself stagger like last year. Angie passes me and tells me to get moving, but I tell her I am done.

Mile 24 - Nice to be on flat surface again, wondering if I will beat 4 hours.

Mile 25 - There is Kathy. Toss her my hat and jacket, weather is getting worse but it is all downhill from here.

Mile 26.2 - Friends and family cheering for me. Strong finish and another CCM done.

139th of 324

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