Saturday, May 5, 2007

5/5/07 Public Agency Challenge 8K

Another local race with a good crowd and lots of more casual runners. Could not get Caleb to do the two mile race this year, so I will do the 8K without him. Nice tune up before the marathon with good strong legs. Great weather

Start - Running around the lake this year. Downhill start and it is a fast one.

Mile 3 - Doing good on the uphill, not losing much steam. Might get in right at 7min pace

Mile 4.81 - Strong surge to the finish. I love making that last turn and giving it my all to the end. But as I look at my watch I am sure that the course is short. Watch says 4.81 and I know that my pace was not as fast as they would list. That really irks me. I would have PRed for sure if it had been proper length, now what do I do. Calculate my pace and adjust the PR accordingly? Still a fun time

24th of 124

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