Monday, November 30, 2015

11/29/15 Seattle Marathon

I have not run here since 2011.  This will be my 5th Seattle Marathon, dating back to 2005.

Jared is taking a class at NU that is combination Bible study (Hebrews) and marathon training, culminating in today's race.  Some of his classmates are running the half and three or four of them are here for the full.  So exciting to get to run a marathon with my son.  We did one long training run together, and he got in one 20 miler with his group.  He is hoping for 12 minute miles and has set a realistic goal for his level of training.  I feel a little pressure to make sure that he has a successful run, but the pace should be easy enough for me, to relax and enjoy the event.

Jody drops us off at the start and will be a champion spectator.  It is cold, but dry and no wind.  Hat and gloves will stay on most of the way, but it is really decent running weather.

Start - We line up well and it takes us about a minute to get to the chip mat.  Crowded but everyone is mellow back here.  Lots of Quadzilla runners.  And so many Maniac friends, we will always be near someone I know.

Mile 1 - We see one person run into the Monorail support.

Mile 3 - Run with Deb and Marie for a couple of miles.  The tunnel is full of spooky noises.

Mile 5 - The out and back on the I-90 bridge.  Jared is shocked by how many people I know.  Lots of hand slaps. Stop to shake Tom's hand (his 100th marathon).  I had forgotten how much I like this race.  Great course and so many runners I know and get to see on the out and back.  Pedro is "sleeveless in Seattle" as usual.

Mile 8 - Just before the Lake Washington Blvd. we stop for a quick photo.

Now the long route along the lake.  Keeping Jared supplied with energy fuels and making sure he drinks at each aid station.  Great support every two miles.  Mel Preedy sighting. See a crow hop off with a shiny empty Gu packet.

Mile 12 - The long loop around Seward Park.  Walk a bit before the half mat.  We are ahead of schedule at 11/mile.

Mile 13.1 - 2:25.  Pass a woman dressed as a red Starbucks cup.  Then we pass Alexa, one of Jared's classmates, the one that he is secretly hoping to beat.

Mile 18 - Walking the aid stations, but running everything else, though at a slow pace.  Alexa catches up and we run two miles together.  then she pulls ahead and gradually gets out of sight.

Mile 20.5 - Finally off the lake.  Now the classic, steep Galer street hill.  Distract Jared with some Power Gels and then we remember to use our arms.  Walk the hill and try to get him running again.  Leapfrogging lots of people from here to the end.

Mile 23 - The Arboretum is really nice. Long gradual hill.  Jared is running but much more slowly.  No pain complaints so I try to push him a little.  His run up hill is so slow that it is hard for me to run that slowly.  But if I walk, he thinks that it is Ok for him to walk and we slow even more.  I keep getting 5-10 feet in front of him and have to stop or walk until he catches up, then try to get him going faster.  But we are getting it done!  And everyone else around us is struggling, so it is a group effort and we do not feel like we are getting passed much at all.

Mile 23.5 - Then he spots Alexa walking up ahead.  Jared gains some mental energy and speeds up and gradually catches up to her.  We walk when she does and run when she does and stay behind for for a little bit.  Then we make our move past her. Hoping she will not notice us, but she does and that stokes her fire.  Over I-5 and the nice downhill for a while.  We are running much faster, but Alexa gets away.  Jared still keeps running, with very short walk breaks.

Mile 25.5 - Almost over now.  I am trying to get us to beat 5:15, but that really does not matter.  We will have a faster than expected finish time, that Jared can be proud of.  Jody gets a photo of us smiling, then it gets a little emotional as we turn on to the soccer field and the finish.

Finish 26.2 - 26.27 on the GPS.  Get our medals and space blankets and hugs all around.  Most of the food is gone at the finish area, but there is enough of some things.  Long slow painful walk to the car for Jared, but it is good for him to keep moving.  Proud of his endurance and accomplishment!

1406th of 1630
Race#370, Marathon or Ultra#132, Seattle Marathon#5

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