Sunday, October 4, 2015

10/4/15 Shuck and Share (Oysterfest) 5K Shelton WA

Jody is away visiting our grand-baby this weekend, so I found two races to do.  Yesterday was the Onalaska Apple fest 5K.  It was fun, but I was slow.  No pains though.  I am not pre registered for the Shuck and Run so I don't have to do it, but I want to.  Well at 5:30AM I am having second thoughts.  Close call on bailing and sleeping in, but I conquer the Blerch and hit the road to Shelton in time to register for the 8AM start.

$20 DOR, but I miss out on the socks by not registering earlier.  Cold today.  Long sleeves again.  I almost wear a beanie, but ditch it at the last minute.  Shorter warm up than yesterday.  One mile, then a couple of strides and I feel faster than yesterday.

I ran the 8K here in 2004, and the 5K in 2010.  I know that I won't beat my 22:17 from 5 years ago, just hoping to beat yesterday's time.  All pavement will help, but who knows?

Start - Missy Farr sighting and we start together.  Lots of kids and a great turn out for this fundraiser to help the PUD heat low income homes.  From the "Huff and Puff" trailhead and out to the road.  Plenty of room to run.

Mile 0.25 - Pack of mostly kids ahead.  I decide to surge a little and pass them.  Leaving Missy behind I wonder if that was a good idea to do that so early.  Left turn into the bright sun.

Mile 1 - 1.16 on the GPS.  7:25 by the watch, but almost 8 by the mile marker.  One kid passes me, but I am keeping up with everyone else.  Unlike yesterday, I have some runners right in front of me and it is a challenge to stick with them.  A couple of times I catch up to one, try to pass, but they take the challenge and surge ahead.  Left turn.

Mile 2 - These little hills are hard.  Legs feel it, but it is the breathing too.

Mile 2.5 - Final left turn and we can see the finish, it just looks so far away.  If my watch is right I should have a decent time, but if that first mile marker was right I will be pretty slow.  One guy is slowing a bit and I pull even but just can not pass him as he pulls away.  I have given it a good physical and mental effort today and have no regrets. No one passes me after mile 1.   Keep up the intensity until just before the end when I am just a little careful on the gravel.

Finish - 3.04 on the GPS.  Last mile was short to make up for the first long mile.  Very happy with my finish time.  Walk back a bit as I recover and there is Missy, very speedy herself.

Cool down jog on the Huff and Puff.  Put some warm clothes on, cheer on the finishers, and soon enough it is raffle time.  Everyone around me wins something really good, but not me today.  We are dismissed and as I get back to my car I realize that there were no age group awards.  Craig did the timing so results will be posted, probably soon.

20th place of 202
Race#366, 5K#95

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