Saturday, October 3, 2015

10/3/15 Onalaska Apple Fest 5K

Loved this little race when I first ran it two years ago.  Happy to be back, despite the hour drive.

My 365th race!  A year of races.  Before age 50, so I guess that means that I have run a race on 2% of my days.

4th race weekend in a row.  Half, trail full, full six days ago.  I toyed with doing a full today or tomorrow, but logistically and leg wise it did not seem wise.  There is another 5K tomorrow that I might do depending on how this one goes.  50K a week from today, so a little effort this weekend, then rest up.

Cloudy and cool, I will keep the long sleeves on.  See a fellow "Beat the Blerch" shirt wearer.

$20 registration day of race includes a pint glass.

Start - Narrow part of the trail, by the boat launch.  Hopefully we are lined up according to speed.  Race course instructions, thank the sponsors and we are off.  On to the slightly wider trail that has seen an upgrade since I was here last.  Nice crushed gravel all the way around and wider too.  There will not be the large angular rock that was in spots previously.  Still have to mind the footing.  Now I am behind a large pack and wishing I could get past.  Just then there is the cut off for the side trail that parallels this one for a bit.  The RD had said that we could take either one, as they are the same distance.  I take the lower route and only one of the runners ahead of me does the same.  It is a short bit, but I run as fast as I can and just come in ahead of the large pack.  None of them passes me, so it was a great decision.

Mile 1 - Around the lake and onto the roads.  Couple of turns.  A few runners ahead of me, staying even, but just too far away to feed off of.  I can not sense anyone behind me.  Long straight flat road and I have no excuse to not be fast here.  Other than tired legs.  No pain, I am moving well, but slower than I should be able to.  I also have not done a 5K or any speed work in 6 weeks.

Mile 1.5 - The turn on to Main street, which may or may not be closed as they are setting up for the parade and all the vendors are setting up tents.  Ahead of me they are running on the road so I follow.  Big truck passes me, then stops at one of the vendor tents, blocking this side of the road.  I go to the sidewalk, but that is completely blocked up ahead.  Back onto the road and I squeeze between the open truck door and a tent and warn the guy that there are a lot of runners just behind me.  Past him now, I make the turn back towards the lake.

Mile 2 - Last bit of road before the parking lot.  Trying to go fast here as I know the lake trail will slow me.  Car driving very slowly stops at the stop sign, T intersection, where I will turn right.  He is so close to the edge of the road with tall grass on the edge that I can not pass him on the right.  But he has his left blinker on and I am afraid that he will proceed out and to the left just as I get in front of him.  I can not stay to the right so I go to the left of him, get along side the car and it does pull out and to the left.  I have to stop and wait for him to turn, then I am on my way.  Frustrating but I keep a good attitude, and kept safety first.

Now around the lake again.  Wondering if I can beat my time from two years ago, but it will not be close.  Trying to run hard.  I am not too surprised though when I hear footsteps behind me.  Strong runner pouring it on for the finish.  First person to pass me since the start.

Mile 3.1 - Off the trail and into the finish shoot.  3.16 on the GPS, with a slightly different course from 2013.  Congratulate the guy who passed me.

Recover, spectate, help direct some runners, jog around till awards time.  Only race I know of that does a group photo after the awards.

3rd in age group (40-49) ribbon, and then I win a entry for next year.  Hope I can make it!

15th of about 103
Race#365, 5K#94, Onalaska Apple Fest 5K#2

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