Saturday, August 23, 2014

8/23/14 Run Like a Dog 5K

4th time here at this 9th annual event.  Race that is the closest to my home.  I registered yesterday at packet pick up so now I can leave my house after 8AM and have plenty of warm up time before the 9AM start. $30 includes T-shirt, medal, backpack full of goodies and the proceeds go to the Humane Society.

2 mile warm up, then change into my 5K racing shoes (Brooks Launch).  Fog has lifted and it will warm up but much of the course is on the shaded Chehalis Western Trail.

I worry about all the dogs causing a ruckus at the start, but the RD is good about getting the faster runners up front and the dogs and walkers behind them.

Start - Delayed a few minutes, then a smooth start on the potentially hazardous course which turns, narrows, crosses a street, and narrows again.  Excellent work by the volunteers all along the course.  The change of shoes and quality warm up has me feeling good and I am running well.

Mile 0.4 - Been watching a little kid ahead of me.  Sometimes I misjudge a persons speed, but I am sure that he is going to crumble soon.  And yes, he takes a walk break, then zooms farther ahead.  I gradually catch him and hear him start walking again as I pass.

Mile 1 - 7:15 - Start to feel a little tired in my legs.  This is my third speed workout in the week and I knew that it might be a little rough.  Turn onto a road.  Now I hear heavy fast breathing coming up behind me.  Quite the panting and the dog and its owner get past me.

Mile 1.5 - I pass up on the aid station but the dog just ahead of me decides to check it out. (They have kiddie pools for the dogs that want to cool off)  Now she passes me again.  Later it looks like she is walking, but I still can not catch up.  I do get even to a human female.  Not saying a word I just run side by side with her for a quarter mile or so.  Then I feel like I could go a little faster so I do.

Mile 2.5 - One guy comes up real strong and makes a solid pass.  Now a road crossing and I hear a volunteer say "we can let cars go after this guy"  which I translate as there is no one now close behind me.  Same thing happens at the last road crossing.  No need to look back, but also less pressure to run as fast as I can

Finish - I have a decent sprint at the end and pick it up for the finish.  3.04 on the GPS.

Grab a water and then watch the runners come in.  Fun to see so many with dogs.  Many of the dogs have great form and are having fun.

Lots of vendors (pet related mostly) and some really good raffle prizes but alas I do not win anything.  Still a fun time and great work out on the home course.

19th place of 336
Run Like a Dog 5K #4

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