Monday, August 11, 2014

8/10/14 Transcendence 12 hour

5th annual event and my 5th time here, making me a legacy runner.  There are 8 of us who ran the first four races, but only 5 of us are here to carry on the legacy.  I don't feel highly motivated to run all day.  Maybe just get the 50K in to count for MM stats and then take a few more easy laps.  50 miles would be great, but it is supposed to be HOT and I just don't care that much. Definitely will not run through pain.  I have not run long since June, so this will be a good chance to hit the wall and work on endurance.  Marathons planned in 3, 4 and 7 weeks from now so it is time to step it up.  Three hours of good solid running to hit the wall and then evaluate from there is the plan.  Also then I will be running fast in the cool of the morning.

Start - Attendance is down this year but it is still a nice event with some Team Cupcakes representing and Tory running her 100th marathon or ultra.  We line up right on time and only a few of us want to be near the front.  Off we go and I settle into third place.  Loops of 1.524 miles.

Loop 1 - 15:16, right at 10min/mile
Loop 2 - 13:17, Playing the role of the rabbit, I am now in first place
Loop 3- 14:03
Loop 4 - 13:55 - Still in first place, but I get passed while taking a quick fluid and salt break. 

3 hours - 12 loops done, 18.3 miles and now I start to warm up and tire.  It was fun while it lasted.  I tell Deb that I am going to walk for the next 9 hours but she does not believe me.  The walk breaks do start and my average lap goes from the 14s to 21-22 minutes.

26.2 miles, about 4:45

50K at 6 hours

So now it is noon and getting quite warm. It will reach the mid to high 80s soon.  Craig has been posting the current standings and I keep seeing that I am in third place.  There are no age group awards, but there are awards for the top 3 male and female.  I decide that I would love a top 3 finish so I keep the breaks short at the aid station and keep moving.

7 hours - a little dehydrated.  I start drinking quite a bit more.  I also take a large dishtowel, soaked in cold water and run with it around my neck.  At the far side of the lake, the sunny oven, I put the towel over my hat and it keeps my head much cooler.  This towel trick helps a lot and I start feeling better.

8 hours - Try to eat a little something after each lap.  Mostly potatoes and gels.  Rounding a corner a little girl says "eww stinky" and I don't know if she means me or the lake.

9 hours - 43 miles - I guess that I will go for 50 miles after all.  Nothing hurts, just hot and tired.  I have 3 hours to cover 7 miles, that should be easy.

10 hours - Other than Holly, I have not seen any locals.  But now Martinho shows up to check on me.  And he is ready to run with me.  I feel bad because I can barely shuffle.  But he does not mind and he is a great distraction.  We talk Silver Strider Strategy and he keeps me motivated by subtly suggesting that the 4th place guy might be catching up.  I look at the leader board and think that I have a lock on third, but only if I keep moving.

11 hours - Martinho and I throw down a 19 minute loop, me thinking it will be my last.  But halfway through, I consider doing one more.  One more loop would ensure third place and would make this the second farthest I have ever run.  (57.9 miles here two years ago on a cooler day).  We cover one final lap, not so fast and call it a day.

51.8 miles

I do get third place and win a nice Guerilla Running visor.  Other than the balls of my feet partially melting during the last hour, things felt pretty good throughout. 

3rd place of 34
Marathon or ultra #113
Race #334
Transcendence 12 hour #5

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Awesome, Andy! That's a long way. -allen